5 reasons why Your Moment is an exciting must-see

Throughout ABS-CBN’s 65 years of serving the Filipinos through quality entertainment, we’ve already seen a slew of reality talent competitions that absolutely showcased the world-class talents of our people not just locally, but even worldwide.

And from acquiring franchises of prominent talent searches from other countries in the previous years, the network was able to develop an out-of-the-box homegrown concept that is definitely the first in the world – Your Moment!

As we anticipate its pilot airing this coming November 9, here are the five things that everyone should watch for in this newest offering of the Kapamilya channel!

1. The refreshing concept

Your Moment, according to ABS-CBN Business Unit Head Reily Santiago, “is one of the visions of TV Production Head Laurenti Dyogi” as he envisions having a “two shows in one.” It’s indeed one of its kind as this is going to be a singing and dancing contest that will feature “state-of-the-art innovations”, just like the revolving immersive set from which the audience and the judges will observe the performances from the dancing to the singing stage.

Performances are going to be evaluated using an “emo-meter” or emotion meter attached on their respective stations that will reflect their scores real-time. Each number would start in black-and-white, with lights and color only gradually bursting as it progresses. The judges have to input their scores thrice using the emotion meter dial, ranging from 1 as the lowest and 10 as the highest.

At the same time, an emotion meter will also appear on our screens reflecting the scores bestowed by the judges every time a number reaches the three markers – 20, 60, and 90 seconds – the only time that that they’re allowed to key in their desired scores.




The competition will have four levels, namely: Level 1: Your First Moment, Level 2: Your Moment of Choice, Level 3: Your Moment of Power, and Level 4 Your Grand Moment, which the acts must go through for them to stand a chance to become one of the two grand champions – one each from dancing and singing categories – who are going to be declared in the end.

Thus, as how Creative Manager Stiffany Adanza put it, every act should “make use of every moment that they are given”.

2. The world-class set design

And in order to make this fantastic vision come true, they decided to collaborate with Netherlands-based production company Fritz Production, headed by its President Anuska Jantina Ban, who has been supporting the network with their other programs since 2004, such as the first series of Pinoy Big Brother. She brought along with her a team comprised of high-caliber directors, set designers, and music producers whose expertise are honed and known in the entire European market.

Since it’s going to be a 2-in-1 show, Fritz Productions suggested that they should have a massive set with a revolving centerpiece wherein the judges and live studio audiences are going to be situated. Fortunately, ABS-CBN already has the sound stage in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan that could facilitate the huge set, to which, according to Director John Moll, is their first time shooting there.

The colossal rotating live viewers and judges’ area and the spacious stages were meticulously and skillfully built by the joint efforts of both the Pinoy and Dutch teams.

3. The topnotch judges

In the The Making of Your Moment, Direk Lauren disclosed that picking Billy Crawford, Nadine Lustre, and Boy Abunda to be the judges in this program is actually a “perfect choice” since they’re able to establish incredible dynamics and good teamwork that are beneficial to the program.

We all know that aside from being the King of Talk, Boy Abunda is also an esteemed A-Star Builder who manages the careers of some of our country’s finest artists. Thus, he really indeed has an eye for individuals or groups who have great potentials in making it big in the industry.

Being able to build a career in the international scene and an ultimate performer since his childhood, it’s really not surprising if Billy has grown into a “tech bee” or someone who’s very meticulous and observant with technicalities of each performance that he would witness.

Meanwhile, for someone who’s fond of watching performances, Multimedia Princess Nadine is likely to focus on the emotive side of a production number and how every act is going to include her in their performance through the emotion that they’re going to convey.

4. The seasoned hosts

Of course, a program won’t run without someone presiding it, and a prestigious show like Your Moment only deserves nothing but the best.

While Luis Manzano was already expected to headline it since he’s been a staple in the Kapamilya channel and he’s undeniably one of the most in-demand television presenters in the country today, host Vhong Navarro’s entrance truly came as a surprise.

The latter’s experience in hosting might not be as wide as the former’s, but his impressive stint in It’s Showtime, not to mention being an exceptional dancer and a member of the iconic local dance group Streetboys, already makes him a perfect fit for the role. Besides, the management also banks on their longtime friendship on-and-off-cam, natural chemistry, and impeccable repartee that seemingly developed during their Kanto Boys days in ASAP and will be a great help to further boost the show.

5. The exceptional performances

And since this is going to be a reality talent competition, what everyone is really looking forward to see are the world-class and mind-blowing performances of the contestants that are going to showcase their extraordinary skills in dancing and singing on-stage.

While we assume that this will only cater to our kababayans from different parts of the archipelago and of the globe, Supervising Producer Morly Nueva revealed that they’re actually able to get participants from Japan, France, Indonesia, South Korea, and India. Your Moment has gone global, indeed!

Headwriter Aol Rivera sees this as a way of challenging our local acts for their performances to be at par with the foreign contenders.

Are you excited as us to see the much-awaited talent competition of the year? Well, you better not miss the launch of Your Moment this November 9!