How Chunsa Jung charmed us with her performances in Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2

She has already proven her acting prowess through her regular gig in the Sunday kiddie gag show Goin’ Bulilit and her supporting roles in the television dramas she starred in. But it was only through her participation in the second season of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids that we were able to find out that she’s not simply a cute girl that delights us with her appearances; that she is also multitalented. 

As the celebrity impersonation show concludes this forthcoming weekend, let’s reminisce how the Bulilit Kikay fared in the competition.

WEEK 1 - Meghan Trainor

She kicked off her journey by channeling Meghan Trainor as she dressed up like the American singer-songwriter and sang her hit “All About That Bass”.

WEEK 2 - Sandara Park 

There’s no need for her to ask “In or Out?” in her impression of the Pambansang Krung Krung and Korean pop idol Sandara Park as she was really on “Fire” while on stage.

WEEK 3 - Taylor Swift

Chunsa is definitely the cutest cheerleader we’ve ever seen as she showed off her rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Shake Off”.

WEEK 4 - Vilma Santos

From portraying millennial popstars, the nine-year-old charmer took us back to the 70s when the song “Sixteen” dominated the airwaves as she impersonated a teenager Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos,

WEEK 5 - Pink 

We were definitely blown away when she unleashed the inner rocker in her and covered P!nk’s “Get The Party Started”. 


The second Korean act and the first male icon she impersonated. She could indeed pass as PSY’s mini-me as she captured our hearts in her awesome take on “Gentleman”.

WEEK 7 - Katy Perry 

She seemed to be fresh out of Katy Perry’s “California Girls” music video as her overall look was as colorful, bright, and sparkly as the stage design. This absolutely represents her personality, making her enjoy the number so much.

WEEK 8 - Edgar Mortiz

This could be the most challenging yet the closest presentation to her heart as she impersonated the person who took her to where she is now, Goin’ Bulilit Director Bobot Mortiz.

WEEK 9 - Madonna

There was indeed a reason for Chunsa to celebrate that night for she was able to capture the jury’s hearts with her cover of Madonna’s “Holiday” with her enthusiastic moves.

WEEK 10 - Sheryl Cruz

We’re wondering if she already experienced being in love as she seemed to be truly lovestruck when she performed Sheryl Cruz’s “Mr. Dreamboy”.

WEEK 11 - Shakira

The Bulilit Kikay proves that despite being chubby and the season’s “baby”, she can pull off a rendition of the sexy songstress Shakira’s “Waka-Waka”.

WEEK 12 - Nancy of Momoland

She had the whole studio dancing to the popular groove “Bboom Bboom” when she transformed into Nancy, the most famous member of the all-female K-pop group Momoland.

WEEK 13 - Janet Jackson

Chunsa once again unleashed the diva in her as she stunned us with her performance of Janet Jackson’s “Miss You Much”.

WEEK 14 - Sampaguita

She’s possibly the most adorable rocker you’ve ever seen as she set the studio in a party mood through Sampaguita’s “Sayawan”.

WEEK 15 - Aqua with Alonzo Muhlach

The Bulilit Kikay and her partner YFSF Season 1 contender Alonzo Muhlach gave us major throwback with an upbeat recreation of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” music video.

Will Chunsa continue to charm us until the end? Let’s find out on the highly-anticipated grand showdown of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Season 2 this weekend!