How Marco Masa surprised us in Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2 journey

The “Anghel ng Masa” entertained us in all ways unexpected in this second season of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.

He first captured our hearts when he starred in the 2015 fantasy drama series Nathaniel. Marco played the titular role of the said show, along with Gerald Anderson and Shaina Magdayao as his parents. He was the charming little angel who inspired us all to become better persons.

When he joined the second season of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids, Marco showed us his far-reaching talent, this time in impersonating well-known music artists, singing and dancing on stage as well. Here is how Marco’s surprised us with his performances in the entire season.

Week 1 – Bruno Mars


In his first performance, Marco proved he’s got the swag as he transformed into the multi-talented artist Bruno Mars. He thrilled everyone as he performed Bruno’s “The Lazy Song.

Week 2 – Moira Dela Torre


The handsome Marco transformed into the dainty yet remarkable OPM artist Moira dela Torre! His performance of Moira’s hit song “Titibo-tibo” proved his incredible versatility.

Week 3 – Yoyoy Villame


As he transformed into one of the country’s most iconic comedian-novelty singers Yoyoy Villame, Marco proved us that he also can make you burst out in laughter. He has spread good vibes in the studio in his performance of Yoyoy’s “Mag-Exercise Tayo”.

Week 4 – Ricky Martin


Marco has made everyone dance and feel the groove as Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin. He gave an electrifying performance of Ricky’s number one hit “Livin’ La Vida Loca”.

Week 5 – Jon Bon Jovi


This time, he has transformed into rock legend Jon Bon Jovi. Marco rocked the stage with his performance of Bon Jovi’s chart-topping song “Livin’ On a Prayer”.

Week 6 – Justin Bieber

Like what coach Jed said, Marco blew everyone away in his breakdance moves that surprised everyone. His performance of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” truly amazed everyone.

Week 7 – Yeng Constantino

Once again, Marco transformed into an iconic female artist! He channeled the pop-rock singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino and performed her song “Paasa T.A.N.G.A.” excellently.

Week 8 – Randy Santiago

Marco showed us how cool and energetic he could be as “Mr. Shades” Randy Santiago. He electrified everyone in his performance of Randy’s 80s hit “Babaero”.

Week 9 – Charlie Puth


The handsome Marco has made everyone swoon over him. His performance of Charlie Puth’s “One Call Away” certainly mesmerized everyone.

Week 10 – Iñigo Pascual


Marco again showed us how cool he is, transforming into singer-actor Iñigo Pascual. He performed Iñigo’s hit single “Dahil Sa ’Yo.”

Week 11 – Enrique Gil


Marco was blazing as Enrique Gil in performing the actor-heartthrob’s song “Mobe,” which made him notch the week’s top ranking.

Week 12 – James Reid


Marco has shown all sides of “gwapo”. His performance of James Reid’s ‘Natataranta’ sent everyone into a state of frenzy.

Week 13 – Vanilla Ice


He isn’t just handsome; he can also rap! Marco really surprised everyone turning into the 90s rapper Vanilla Ice with his performance of “Ice Ice Baby”.

Week 14 – George Michael


He brought the 80’s feels in the studio. Marco made everyone dance to his performance of “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” impersonating Wham! singer and songwriter George Michael.

Week 15 – Tirso Cruz III with Lyca Gairanod


Marco brought us back to the 70’s this time! Portraying one of the most iconic loveteams in Philippine cinema, Marco and partner Lyca Gairanod became the legendary Tirso Cruz III and superstar Nora Aunor in singing “Together Again.

Marco will surely give a mind-blowing final performance on Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Season 2! Watch the Grand Showdown live from UP Theatre this weekend.