How the Megastar wowed all of us in Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2

How the Megastar wowed all of us in Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2 1

As part of the jury, it was Megastar Judge Sharon Cuneta’s role to share what she felt about every performance and give out scores for each contestant in Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids. It’s that simple, yet Judge Sharon went beyond that and even entertained the audience as well with spur of the moment performances and collabs with the contenders. 

All throughout the season, our one and only Megastar never failed to wow us all. She would take on any challenge given her, whether it’s singing or dancing. Here are the best shining highlights of Judge Sharon in Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Season Two.

Dancing “All About The Bass” with Chuna

After Chunsa’s performance, everyone couldn’t shake off the urge to dance including Judge Sharon. Host Billy Crawford saw it in her face and when he called her on stage, our “Mega Trainor” showed us that she could dance as superbly as the adorable Chunsa.

Sinubukan gayahin ang boses ni Britney Spears

We thought Krystal was the only one who could impersonate Britney Spears during the show, but the Megastar proved us wrong! Judge Sharon sang her most iconic song ‘Bituing Walang Ningning’ in Britney’s voice with matching Britney-like hair flips.

Sumasayaw habang nag-komento sa performance ng TNT Boys

Even while seated, Judge Sharon still can dance to the beat. The Megastar delightfully showed some killer dance moves while giving her comments to the Bigshot Trio TNT Boys’ performance.

Nag ala-Madonna sa pagsayaw

Once again, the Megastar showed us how she enjoyed our Bulilit Kikay’s performance. As she gave her comment, Judge Sharon did some moves from Madonna’s dance in her song ‘Holiday’, proving she still remember the steps.

YFSF Kids 2018 Highlights: TNT Boys, napasayaw ng swing ang Jury

Together with all the other judges, Billy and the TNT Boys, the megastar showed us she can still do the classing swing.

Judge Sharon sings “Tell Me”

Gracing us with her golden voice, Judge Sharon performed the chorus of Joey Albert’s iconic song ‘Tell Me’, with a guitar accompaniment from mentor Nyoy Volante.

Taking the "Bboom Bboom" dance challenge

The Megastar knows how to dance K-pop too! Along with our kiddie contestants, Kuya Billy and all the other judges, Judge Sharon showed us how she can dance Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom.”

Napasayaw kasama si Ogie at TNT Boys

Heeding to the crowd’s wishes, Judge Sharon along with Judge Ogie showed us that they can also do the latest hit dance craze. They danced to Blackpink’s hit single ‘Ddu Du Ddu Du’ with the Bigshot Trio’s lead.

Napa-biilib sa performance ni Esang as Aretha Franklin

As she gave her comment to our Kiddie Kontesera, the Megastar couldn’t help but express how much she enjoyed the performance and swayed on her chair soulfully.

Singing “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang” with Ogie

Showing off their solid friendship, the Megastar and Judge Ogie sang a duet of the latter’s song “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang,” which left everyone so mesmerized.

Will we have more of the Megastar’s sensational moves and terrific voice? Who knows, maybe she has a surprise for us! Don’t miss the Grand Showdown live from the UP Theater on August 18 and 19.