'Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids' Journey: Awra Briguela

Tonight, April 8, the Live Grand Showdown of “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids” will happen at the Resorts World Manila. After several weeks of amazing transformations, the 8 cute and talented contestants will impersonate music icons one last time. Who will become the first ever Grand Champion of the Kids edition? Before that, let us look back at the unforgettable performances this season of “Breakout Child Star”, Awra Briguela.

Week 1

Awra’s first transformation was truly an unforgettable performance. He became the first weekly winner because of his impressive impersonation of Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao as he performed “Wrecking Ball”.

Week 2

The “Breakout Child Star” entertained everyone when he transformed into Daniel Padilla and sang "Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat" from the actor’s first full-length studio album, DJP.

Week 3

He tried his best to transform into R&B singer Rihanna. He gave an impressive performance of the singer’s single “Where Have You Been”.

Week 4

Awra enthusiastically performed as the great Yoyoy Villame and sang the OPM icon’s classic song, “Butsekik”.

Week 5

He also transformed into music icon, Liza Minelli, as he performed her song “Cabaret”.

Week 6

Awra impressed everyone with his performance as Shakira and sang her hit single, “Waka Waka”.

Week 7

He also transformed into Dame Shirley Bassey and sang the famous hit "I Am What I Am”.

Week 8

Awra gave an impressive performance as the Philippines’ King of Comedy, Dolphy, and sang “Fly Me to The Moon”.

Week 9

He proved his versatility when he became the Godfather of Shock Rock, Alice Cooper, and sang the singer’s hit single “I Never Cry”.

Week 10

The “Breakout Child Star” continued to impress everyone when he transformed himself into the Unkabogable Vice Ganda and performed the comedian’s hit song, “Boom Panes”.

Week 11

Awra impressed the audience, judges and Jaya herself when he did a spot-on performance as Elizabeth Ramsey and energetically sang “Waray Waray”.

Week 12

He really proved his versatility when he transformed into the legendary Louis Armstrong and sang a soulful rendition of the icon’s “What a Wonderful World”.

Week 13

Awra amazed everyone with his performance as Jamaican singer, Grace Jones, and performed her single “Do or Die”.

Ka-Familiar, don’t miss the Grand Showdown of “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids” tonight after “Home Sweetie Home” and tomorrow night after “Goin’ Bulilit” only on ABS-CBN Yes Weekend!