Memorable kulitan moments Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3 laugh out loud

Spot-on impersonations and all-out performances from our favorite celebrities is what makes us love watching Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3, but what keeps us tuned in to the whole show is their ultimate kulitan moments.

Each episode has its highlights of fun segments and it’s never a bore to watch them over and over again. In this video, you can get to watch a compilation of the best kulitan moments among the Your Face Sounds Familiar contestants, jury, and the one and only host Luis Manzano!

A memorable moment for everyone was when the Japanese-Korean singing sensation Ban Sot Mee (a.k.a. Ogie Alcasid’s popular alter ego) made a special appearance on the show. Aside from sharing about his quirky heritage and rise to fame singing “Taba Koo Na Bes”, he also exposed some juicy secrets about his archenemy, the viral Pinoy singer Eydie Waw (a.k.a. Ogie’s other alter ego). Bansot Mee also gave a piece of advice to his number 1 rival, saying, “Wag ka masyado magpagmalaki kasi ‘di ka naman malaki”.

The celebrity performers are also game to join in the fun even after their own production number. During the #YFSFHotHotHot episode, they didn’t hesitate to show off their hot and sexy poses for the “Tell Me How Hot You Are Without Telling Me You’re Hot” Challenge.

Speaking of hot, do you remember the time New Breed Actor Christian Bables dressed as Michael Buble? His handsome face definitely swooned us, but he got us shaking with laughter when Luis dared Christian to dance while he and the Megastar judge Sharon Cuneta reenacted one of the actress’ scenes in her upcoming May-December romance project.

If Christian was dashing in his pristine suit, jury Ogie was equally charming with his bow tie in the #YFSFGoodVibes episode. He even showed off some macho dancing skills, which inspired the iDolls to whip up some smooth pick-up lines of their own.

More amusing moments definitely came from Sample King Jhong Hilario. There never was a dull moment when he got the spotlight. His Bob Marley impersonation is one we certainly won’t forget as he stripped off clothes on stage until he’s only wearing some colorful shorts to give off a beachy vibe. Another Sample King special was his Enrique Iglesias impersonation and he tried to speak in Spanish to one of the virtual audience members, only to give up midway after finding out the viewer was a fluent speaker.

Soul Diva Klarisse de Guzman also has tricks up her sleeve and it was a treat to witness her unique talent in copying various singers. Dressed as Lani Misalucha, Klarisse sang “Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin” and seamlessly switched among the singing styles of singers such as Shakira, Britney Spears, and Jaya throughout the song.

Social media game trends are always a main topic for Luis, the jury, and the contestants in between performances and all of them have fun trying them out. When they were making witty guesses to people without last names, everyone couldn’t stop laughing when Ogie suggested that Jaya’s last name might be “Rhea” to make “Jaya Rhea” and the performers chimed in saying it could also be “Betes” for “Jaya Betes”

It was extremely lively, too, when they tried to play with their imagination and think about what they could do with the big stick prop. While using it as a paddle, baton, and fishing pole are reasonable choices, Jhong cracked us up when he joked about making it a stick for the swab test. Ogie even took it to another level with his comical acting of using the stick as the pole for the fiesta game “Palosebo” and as a sword.

More kulitan moments will surely come up in the upcoming season finale of Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3! Don’t miss it this Saturday and Sunday evening, live on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11!