Best sample moments in Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3 that truly amused us!

With a room filled with talented performers, mentors, and judges in Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3, it’s pretty much a given that we'll constantly see them showcase skills that are more than just making celebrity impersonations.

Talent show host Luis Manzano makes sure of that by always whipping up challenges and intriguing sample requests from the contestants, the jury, and even the performance mentors, Jed Madela and Nyoy Volante. Watch this compilation video to witness the very best sample moments on Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3.

Trending dance challenges were always a good segue to encourage the Ka-Familiars to show off some of their popping moves. As soon as the ABS-CBN special ID for 2021 “Feel Good Pilipinas” was dropped by KZ Tandingan and BGYO, Luis wanted the Your Face Sounds Familiar family to spread the good vibes of the song. So, to shake off any bad vibes, Luis encouraged everyone, even the virtual audience, to join in the cheerful dance party.

The same thing happened when the “Skiri” TikTok dance challenge became super popular. When the DJ hit play on the crazed song, Luis and the contestants demonstrated their own special twist to their “Skiri” moves.

While we always see the celebrity performers do the impersonations, performance mentor Jed also shines during the sample moments. Luis and jury members Gary Valenciano and Sharon Cuneta already know that the global singer has a knack for imitating singers so to add a layer of difficulty to his challenge, they asked him to sing the classic “Karma Chameleon” in the “Jed Madela” version. As he added stunning high notes in the right places, the Megastar couldn’t help but praise him and give him the highest of scores. 

Also adding their own touch to their songs are the iDolls. During their APO Hiking Society transformation, Luis could see that they really focused on perfecting the blending of their voices, so he gave them the task of singing some safety protocols using that blending. The iDolls did it amazingly well — both in singing impromptu and reminding us how to stay safe.

Sometimes, the performers and their mentors are pitted against each other for some good ‘ol fun. Luis put celebrity performer Klarisse de Guzman and performance mentor Jed head-to-head in a singing challenge to belt the nursery rhyme “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” higher and higher.

Nyoy, too, would be open to Luis’ various requests. His shining moment was when he was paired with judge Ogie Alcasid, so they can show off some ballroom dancing moves against the tandem of Megastar Sharon and Mr. Pure Energy Gary V. He and Ogie were a stellar match with their smooth moves and pizazz sample dancing.

Megastar judge Sharon also was brought back to her movie promo days when the iDolls performed “I’m So Excited” as The Pointer Sisters. Apparently, that was the exact same song for her routine dance performance years back so it’s obvious that she and the rest of the Ka-Familiars would recreate the dance number again.

During the #YFSFIba episode, The Idol Trio Lucas Garcia, Matty Juniosa, and Enzo Almario and Pinoy Big Belter Lie Reposposa wowed the audience with their golden and regal looks as The Pointer Sisters (iDolls) and Sheryn Regis (Lie). Because of this, Luis wanted to see who among them could best allure one of the virtual viewers with their mermaid-like looks and voices.

To see who’s quick on their feet coming up with dance moves, Luis asked the Ka-Familiars to do one of “The Rising Sweetheart” Vivoree Esclito’s favorite social media challenges, the “Bang Bang Bang.” One by one, they danced to the tune and by the end of it, they would point to the next person to continue the dance. The fun relay dance session went around the room until everyone was part of the bopping party.

At times, the celebrity contestants would have a wonderful performance and the audience just want to see more of it. When Klarisse impersonated the “Queen of Whistle Register” Minnie Riperton, Luis asked her to do the whistle again but in different situations such as shouting out that there’s a fire or being surprised to see a ghost to add a little amusement. Lie also impressed everyone with her Donna Summer performance since she really got out the disco vibe. To keep it going, Luis asked Lie to showcase her own disco dancing, “barrio style”, which got everyone else in the groove to let loose and dance it out.

Aside from singing and dancing, the Ka-Familiars also battle it out with their looks. For the #YFSFWomanPower episode, lady-dressed contestants Jhong Hilario (as Tina Turner), Christian Bables (as Vina Morales), Vivoree (as Kim Chiu), and Klarisse (as Britney Spears) joined Sharon in the “Magandang Dilag” challenge and exhibit their beauty with a quick gesture or pose.

Excited to see more phenomenal performances from the Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3 fam? Then make sure to catch the season finale this Saturday and Sunday evening on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11!