You're My Home at Its Core: Values Taught by the Fontanillas and Vergaras

You're My Home started out with the story of a perfect family—Gabriel Fontanilla (Richard Gomez), a lawyer who has made it his life's work to defend the marginalized; his dedicated wife Marian Fontanilla (Dawn Zulueta); and their children Grace (Jessy Mendiola), Rahm (Sam Concepcion), and Vince (Paul Salas). Their life changed when Gabriel handled a case against Christian Vergara, the rebel son of the influential and third-gen politician Senator Victor Vergara. A series of unfortunate events slowly broke up their family and this worsened when young Vince was kidnapped right in front of their house. Twelve years, one dissolved marriage, and almost half-a-life in prison later, Vince Fontanilla resurfaced as Ken, but it wasn't enough to put back the pieces of the perfect family.

In this narrative, five values and insights worthy to be reflected upon have emerged.

1) Family

Family is very important for Gabriel. Despite the heavy demands at work, he sees to it that he eats breakfast with the family, brings his three kids to a family trip on the weekends, and wishes them good night in the evening. One episode even featured a game that he loves playing with his children: that of mimicking a court room where his youngest Vince would pose as a lawyer defending Marian.


When Vince was kidnapped, Gabriel's wife blamed him for what happened and eventually pushed him away. The whole family fell apart and he tried again and again to put it back together.



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