Dark truth about past unfolds in last two weeks of "You're My Home"
The Fontanillas have seemingly and finally picked up the pieces to rebuild their shattered home, but it might not be enough as an undeniable thing from the past comes back to haunt them in the last two weeks of the country’s late-night habit “You’re My Home.”

Years after the disappearance of Vince (Paul Salas) that ruined their family, love has won for Gabriel (Richard Gomez) and Marian (Dawn Zulueta), who recently decided to get back together and get married again.

Better days are also coming for Christian (JC De Vera), who has finally been accepted into the family as he is set to marry Grace (Jessy Mendiola.

The Fontanilla family is further brought together by Grace’s pregnancy, although Christian is still struggling to convince his parents, especially his father Victor (Tonton Guttierez) Vergara, to accept their relationship.

But no one is really spared from the truth, especially that Vince’s memory is bound to piece together details of his kidnapping.

Who really kidnapped Vince? Will the truth break apart the family that was once ruined by this incident? How it affect the Fontanillas and the Vergaras?

Meanwhile, Richard and Dawn shared what lessons they learned from the show that they want to share with viewers.

“Never give up on love, especially your children. If they make mistakes, we can correct or help them. Up until the end, we should not abandon them,” shared Richard.

Dawn, meanwhile, said “I learned the value of love, protecting each other. That even though our loved ones made a mistake, we should always be there to support them.”

Jessy and JC, on the other hand, are thankful to fans who have gotten hooked on the love story of their characters, now known as “GraceTian.”

“Everytime nanonood ako ng You’re My Home, kinikilig din ako kay Christian at Grace. I fell in love with their characters, and their love story is really romantic. To all GraceTians, thank you so much, because we as actors get inspired to act because we know they get kilig from us,” said JC.

“We want to thank those who stay up late to watch our show. The fact that they stay up late to wait for us and our show is heartwarming. We did not expect it would get high ratings and that our characters and the story would make a mark on them,” shared Jessy.

Tune in to the last two weeks of “You’re My Home,” weeknights after “The Story of Us” on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. For exclusive updates, log onto Twitter.com/StarCreativesTV and Instagram.com/StarCreativesTV.