REVIEW: Touching “You’re My Home” finale depicts love’s true essence

Creative execution

The story was as captivating as it was enthralling in the way it was creatively executed.  Director Jerry Lopez Sineneng made it sure that people will not only comprehend the importance of changing for the better in one’s personal journey and the crucial role of forgiveness, love and sacrifice for those dear to you, but also learning this in the most comforting and heartwarming way possible.

While Jessy Mendiola gave one impressive performance, full of depth and understanding of the character she was portraying, Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez made the final episode extra special and memorable. Not only because of their awesome acting talents molded by years of experience in the industry, but by most spectacularly their astonishing on-screen chemistry that still invited so much shrieks and screams as they held and looked at each other and eventually kissed during the wedding scene.

JC de Vera is an emphatic charmer who really commands thespic attention in terms of intensity and depth. Sam Concepcion and Paul Salas (who played Grace’s brothers Rham and Vince, respectively) also gave impressive portrayals worthy of note.

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