REVIEW: Touching “You’re My Home” finale depicts love’s true essence

Amid all the conflicts and complications that brought so much mayhem and strife, in the end it took one’s sacrifice to bring resolution and peace.

The finale of the riveting drama You’re My Home became one somber epilogue to the heroic act of love of Christian Vergara (JC de Vera) when he laid down his life for his beloved wife Grace Fontanilla-Vergara (Jessy Mendiola) in a freak accident.

That sacrifice proved once and for all his transformation was complete—from the fiendish kidnapper who made life miserable for Gabriel (Richard Gomez) and Marian Fontanilla (Dawn Zulueta) to being the man who so truly loves the couple’s daughter with all his heart and soul.


And, who else would feel it than Grace, who first despised Christian over his past misdeeds learning that he was behind the kidnapping and disappearance of her brother Vince (Paul Salas) that caused the Fontanilla family to break apart. But Christian’s tragic end was her epiphany of sorts in realizing how true his love was and how his sacrifice brought harmony and amity back to the Fontanillas, Vergaras, and practically everyone in the story.

It was heartwarming, feel-good ending we all enjoyed. Especially the garden “wedding” of Gabriel and Marian, celebrating their reconciliation, which became the special highlight of the finale. Not only the guests present felt the giddiness but also those who watched it from their homes marveling at the sincerity and honesty of their vows and exchanges, and the kiss that sealed their fate.

Moreso that encounter between Grace and her son with Christian, his namesake, by his father’s grave. As she tells a story of a prince who leaves his magic gift of love, Grace tells the child that he embodies that gift and that she will always remember the love and sacrifice of his father in him.

Indeed in one touching moment, she saw Christian in front of her, feeling the immeasurable love that they shared as tears fell. And, as the entire family came to Christian’s resting place, balloons were released as Grace shut her eyes and again became close in spirit to the man she also truly loved.

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