Finding Home: The Gabriel & Marian Love Story

You're My Home started out with the story of a perfect family—Gabriel Fontanilla (Richard Gomez), a lawyer who has made it his life's work to defend the marginalized; his dedicated wife Marian Fontanilla (Dawn Zulueta); and their children Grace (Jessy Mendiola), Rahm (Sam Concepcion), and Vince (Paul Salas). Gabriel and Marian could very well be a perfect couple. They were young sweethearts, supported each other in achieving their dreams, and started a family that they love. As it turns out, Gabriel instantly fell in love with Marian because of the latter's special bulalo.

Their life changed, however, when Gabriel handled a case against Christian, the rebel son of the influential and third-gen politician Senator Victor Vergara. It immediately put a riff between the two families and led to the abduction of their youngest son, Vince. Though Christian was the prime suspect and was the one put in prison, it was Gabriel whom Marian blamed for what happened. If not for his political ambition, her son wouldn't have been kidnapped. This broke up their happy marriage and perfect family.


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