THROWBACK: Jessy Mendiola's Teleserye Journey

Maria Mercedes (2013)

Mendiola played the title role of the 2013 adaptation of the 1992 Mexican telenovela of the same title. Maria Mercedes follows the classic poor girl-rich boy love story trope.

You're My Home (2015)

The late evening teleserye tells the story of the Fontanilla family as they searched high and low for their youngest child Vince, who went missing at the age of 4. Twelve years later, he resurfaces as Ken--with no memory of what happened, no idea about his real family, and was living a completely different life. Mendiola plays as his Ate Grace and eldest daughter of Gabriel (Richard Gutierrez) and Marian (Dawn Zulueta).

With such versatility in roles played by Mendiola, one can only wait for what her next big hit will be.