Kean Cipriano: Soon to Show the Many Faces of Rebel Rock
Calla lily, not really a type of lily, is often associated with holiness, faith, and purity. It is also the band name—callalily as one word—of one of the country's hottest rock stars, Kean Cipriano.

The pop-rock band has entered the Philippine music scene with their breakout single "Magbalik" and has gained a steady following since. Their debut album came out in 2006 and was followed with three more studio records.

Callily – Magbalik

He is also part of the Big Band Syndicate, with whom he has another album titled "Ctrl+Alt+Del.Restart" in 2011.

Darating - BBS feat. NEY DELLO KLEGGY (Official Music Video)

Music is very much part of Kean's blood. He is the son of two music-loving parents and the eldest among two brothers who also love music. During his two-year stay in the University of Santo Tomas, he shifted from Commerce to Music.

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