WEEK 12 RANKING: Sheena Belarmino wins as Olivia Newton-John

Sheena Belarmino as Olivia Newton-John - 23 Stars

And she takes the crown again! Sheena Belarmino bagged the top place anew in this week’s ranking by acquiring 23 stars from the judges on Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Season 2.

Watching her impersonate and perform Olivia Newton-John’s “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” one can’t help but to be distracted by the judges’ recurrent remarks. Countless times they have praised Sheena for doing a wonderful job all throughout her performance.

The judges were unanimous in saying she was very ‘impressive’ in her rendition of the four-time Grammy Awardee’s hit song from the movie Grease. Furthermore, Judge Ogie said it showed that Sheena is enjoying herself.

Proving her exceptional impersonation skills, Sheena took on host Billy Crawford’s voice shifting challenge. In doing one song, she shifted her voice 6 times! After her breathtaking act on the said challenge, Kuya Billy praised her saying: “Inday Wonder ka nga talaga.”

Here are the other contenders and how they fared in Week 12:

Krystal Brimner as Avril Lavigne - 18 Stars

She really made judging so ‘Complicated’ for the jury. The ‘very girly’ Precious Darling made a sensational performance in impersonating Avril Lavinge’s angst, vocals, swag and rocker attitude.

Chunsa Jung as Momoland - 17 Stars

The Bulilit Kikay shrieked in glee for getting to impersonate Nancy of Momoland. Chunsa’s performance of the hit dance craze ‘Bboom Bboom’ was so great that it made everyone dance along.

Noel Comia, Jr. as Blakdyak - 17 Stars

The Poging Lodi became the late Blakdyak, the King of Pinoy Reggae! Noel was truly astonishing as he transformed into a ‘Modelong Charing’ in this performance of his.

TNT Boys as The Three Tenors - 14 Stars

It was one tough challenge to impersonate someone out of your league. Yet the Bigshot Trio proved they can slay anything even impersonating the popular opera legends. Their performance of the Three Tenors Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, and Luciano Pavarotti’s “O Sole Mio” was indeed brilliant.

Esang De Torres as Julie Andrews - 13 Stars

Everyone sighed in awe as Esang came out of the iconator. The Kiddie Kontesera poured out all her emotions and gave everyone the musicale feels as she mimicked Julie Andrews in performing “The Sound of Music.

Marco Masa as James Reid - 12 Stars

The Anghel ng Masa gave us a different brand of pogi this time. Though he is being frequently assigned to impersonate a lot of charming men, he never failed to show us how they differ from each other. Marco’s performance of James Reid’s Natataranta really thrilled everyone.

Onyok Pineda as Ely Buendia - 12 Stars

He undeniably has the talent, as said by the jury. The Bibong Astig once again proved how excellently talented he is channeling Ely Buendia in singing The Eraserheads’ “Ligaya.