The Mentors

Jed Madela


The World Champion and Jury of Your Face Sounds Familiar (regular edition), is back but with a new role. Finding his place as mentor this season, Jed has many new interesting things to put in the table this season that may serve as a game changer. He is the first Filipino to win the title of World Champion of Performing Arts and what that title entails is that he has the experience to pass on knowledge to the kids. Focusing mostly on the vocal aspects, Jed has a lot of new fun ideas and a more kid friendly take on how to bring out the best in the kids for each performance. Jed is often seen as judge for TNT in addition to his past role at Your Face Sounds Familiar and also mentors WCOPA delegates, so when it comes to all things vocal related, Jed is definitely the prime choice.


Nyoy Volante


The King of Acoustic Pop Nyoy Volante also makes a comeback to the Your Face Sounds Familiar franchise but graduating from the contestants roster to the position of mentor. He will be focusing on movement and character development and if you’ve seen his run as a contestant, he knows what to teach from experience (Character internalization and details like nuances). He also teaches as an instructor at DLSU and also judges for TNT. Nyoy has performed for the jury of Your Face Sounds Familiar, so he has first hand knowledge on how to perform and impersonate icons. Like Jed, he has a different approach to his mentoring which will also serve as one of this season’s game changers.