WEEK 10 RANKING: Sheena Belarmino as Jessa Zaragoza

Nyerpect”, “Plakado”, “Effortless” – these are the words the judges used to describe Sheena Belarmino’s performance. The Inday Wonder has nailed it once again, being on the top spot two weeks in a row.

Sheena didn’t give up the top spot, gaining 22 stars for her performance of Jessa Zaragoza’s “Bakit Pa.” Jessa is one of the most iconic singer-actresses in the 90’s, well known as the "Phenomenal Diva" and the "Jukebox Queen of the 90's".

Sheena Belarmino as Jessa Zaragoza - 22 Stars

The moment after Billy Crawford entered the stage and reintroduced Sheena as Jessa Zaragoza, he acclaimed Sheena for her excellent performance right away. Kuya Billy said: “In fairness Sheena ha, sa boses wala akong masabi. Na-master mo talaga ‘yung panggagaya kay Ms. Jessa Zaragoza. As in to the teeth! Ibang klase.

Jessa’s “Bakit Pa” is one of her most popular songs. Like what Billy added in his comment to Sheena’s performance, it is indeed a song commonly heard in amateur singing contests and in karaoke sessions as we all know. A lot of people try to mimic Jessa while singing her songs, but the way Sheena did it was simply remarkable.

Esang de Torres as Joey Albert - 19 Stars

Impersonating a singer who had been famous before she was born was one tough challenge. But as always, our kiddie kontesera never failed to beat up the challenge. Esang performed one of Joey Albert’s most famous songs titled “Tell Me,” just the way everyone knows Joey would sing it.

Marco Masa as Inigo Pascual - 19 Stars

He’s got the moves and the swag! Like what Judge Ogie Alcasid said, Marco’s performance of “Dahil Sa’yo” (which is the most viewed OPM video on YouTube) is indeed a very cool and entertaining performance.

Krystal Brimmer sa Zsazsa Padilla - 15 Stars

Like Zsa Zsa, Krystal was able to show everyone that she can also be a strong performer who’s got that visible regal air. The Precious Darling truly owned the stage as she performed Zsa Zsa’s “Mambobola.”

TNT Boys as VST & Company - 15 Stars

“Talent Na Tunay” is how Judge Ogie Alcasid rephrased the true meaning of their group name. True enough the Bigshot Trio gave a groovy performance of VST & Company’s “Swing,” which made all the audiences including the judges stand up and dance.

Chunsa Jung as Sheryl Cruz - 12 Stars

The Bulilit Kikay have charmed us again with her performance of Sheryl’s “Mr. Dreamboy.” As what the judges said, her light and joyous aura makes the audience, Billy and the judges love her more in each passing weeks.

Noel Comia Jr. as Martin Nievera - 12 Stars

He’s “Martin Nievera confident”, said Judge Nyoy Volante. The Poging Lodi did a very wonderful job in his performance of Martin’s “Say That You Love Me.”

Onyok Pineda as Daniel Padilla - 12 Stars

The Bibong Astig made everyone smile with his feel good performance of the Teen King’s “Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat.” Onyok got that Daniel Padilla chill and easy feel that everyone really admired.