iDolls stun audiences with captivating, memorable transformations on Your Face Sounds Familiar 3

From being promising contestants in Idol Philippines to becoming the iconic iDolls, Lucas Garcia, Matty Juniosa, and Enzo Almario are continuing to take the world by storm with their bid to win in Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3.

“The Idol Trio” are a sure triple threat to their fellow competitors. Each week, their performances are not just a musical treat as their impersonations are exceptionally amusing every time.

While we wait excitedly for what they prepared for the finale, let’s look back on their journey in Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Week 1: iDolls as Hagibis


For their first-ever performance on the impersonation contest, they sang “Katawan” as the all-male Filipino disco group Hagibis. Their super macho get-up was an entertaining surprise for both the audience and the judges.


Week 2: iDolls as Dreamgirls


By Week 2, iDolls wowed us with their stunning transformation into the belting girl group of 2006 American musical drama of the same name, Dreamgirls. Flawlessly hitting all the high notes of “One Night Only”, it was as if we were watching the musical film live.


Week 3: iDolls as Earth, Wind & Fire


The following week, they turned into the legendary American legendary band, Earth, Wind & Fire. As they wonderfully performed the R&B disco classic “September”, the audience including the judges couldn’t help but groove to the tune.


Week 4: iDolls as Christina Aguilera, Pink and MYA


Just like how Lucas, Matty, and Enzo are a perfect combo, the group of singers they impersonated in Week 4 are too. In sparkling pants, glitter make-up, and feathered hats, the iDolls emerged as Christina Aguilera, Pink, and MYA to perform their 2001 musical collaboration for the “Moulin Rouge!” soundtrack, “Lady Marmalade”.


Week 5: iDolls as The Pointer Sisters


During Week 5, the crowd immediately felt the hype as the first beat of “I’m So Excited” dropped and the iDolls popped out as the American R&B singing group, The Pointer Sisters. Their energy was as high as the golden headdress they were all wearing.


Week 6: iDolls as Boyz II Men


week, the trio walked in on stage all suave as the popular American boy band Boyz II Men. Everyone watching surely swooned and swayed while they performed the Boyz II Men hit “The Color of Love”.


Week 7: iDolls as Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, and Sting


On Week 7, the iDolls caught our hearts as they recreated the 1993 timeless collaboration of Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, and Sting. Their rendition of the nostalgic song “All for Love” coupled with their striking imitation of the iconic singers’ voices was a sure chart-topper. Their performance earned them high scores that place them first for the week. 


Week 8: iDolls as Apo Hiking Society


Come Week 8, the iDolls feature themselves as the widely prominent OPM musical group APO Hiking Society. The three beautifully sang “Panalangin” with their soothing melodic voices. 


Week 9: iDolls as Dionne Warwick, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder


Continuing their impersonation of notable music collaborations, the iDolls imitated Dionne Warwick, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder to showcase their 1985 award-winning song, “That’s What Friends Are For”.


Week 10: iDolls as 98 degrees


Bringing the handsome pop and R&B boy band back, the trio don matching jackets and perform as members of 98 degrees. They sang the group’s charming song “Because of You”.


Week 11: iDolls as Moira and Ben&Ben


OPM fans were in for a pleasant surprise as the iDolls changed into the trending singers Moira and Ben&Ben during Week 11. The three made us feel all the emotions as they serenaded us with the Moira x Ben&Ben song “Paalam”.

Week 12: iDolls as Kiss


Even if it was already 12 weeks into the game, the iDolls still found a way to shock us. With full-on faces of white make-up and crazy outfits, the three stepped on stage as the globally influential American rock band Kiss. To put a cherry on top of their spot-on look was a jamming performance of “Rock and Roll All Nite”.

For the upcoming finale, “The Idol Trio”  will get to choose their ultimate idol act to impersonate. Their high-scoring performances for the previous weeks surely make them a top contender, but will they be able to continue the streak and achieve the championship title?

Well, you better not miss the finale of Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3 this Saturday and Sunday evening on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11!