Geneva Cruz stays true to Pop Royalty moniker in Your Face Sounds Familiar

Those who grew up or lived in the 90s surely know how a great performer Geneva Cruz is. From being one of the members of the iconic music group Smokey Mountain, she went on to become a multi-platinum artist who’s known for her hit songs “Anak ng Pasig” and “Kailan” before moving to the United States with her family. 

Thus, in her return to the Philippines, we’re truly delighted to see her be part of Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3 and be able to showcase her remarkable singing and dancing prowess again. As the celebrity talent show approaches its finale this coming weekend, let’s reminisce her impressive journey in the competition via this feature!


Week 1: Geneva Cruz as Jennifer Lopez



For the opening salvo, she truly stunned the viewers with her transformation into pop culture icon Jennifer Lopez and had everyone dance the night away as she sang “On The Floor”.


Week 2: Geneva Cruz as Pilita Corrales



From a global superstar, the 45-year-old singer-actress went on to impress us with her impersonation of Asia’s Queen of Songs Pilita Corrales, singing the classic kundiman song “Kapantay Ay Langit” for the second week.


Week 3: Geneva Cruz as Sheryl Cruz



Week 3 was indeed an exciting one for her and fans of their multitalented family as she stepped on the stage as her beloved cousin Sheryl Cruz and made our hearts flutter with her version of “Mr. Dreamboy”.


Week 4: Geneva Cruz as Dua Lipa



After portraying a slew of veterans, Geneva then became a millennial popstar on the fourth week of Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3 as she blew our minds with her rendition of “New Rules” by Grammy-winning artist Dua Lipa, which arguably became one of her most striking numbers.


Week 5: Geneva Cruz as Madonna



On the fifth week, the Filipina Pop Royalty had everyone grooving to her performance of 80’s hit “Borderline” by Queen of Pop Madonna.

Week 6: Geneva Cruz as Freddie Aguilar



From slaying the Your Face Sounds Familiar stage as some of the famous women of music here and abroad, she then impressed us with her transformation as OPM icon Freddie Aguilar in the sixth week and had everyone bob their heads as she sang one of his all-time favorite hits “Estudyante Blues”.

Unfortunately, Geneva wasn’t able to perform for the next three weeks after her mom Marilyn Cruz contracted the deadly COVID-19, to which he eventually succumbed after a week of battling it. 


Week 10: Geneva Cruz as Toni Braxton



She truly mesmerized us with her comeback performance in the 10th week as 90’s Queen of RnB Toni Braxton and rended our hearts with her version of “Breathe Again”.


Week 11: Geneva Cruz as Selena



On Week 11, we still couldn’t believe how she’s able to flawlessly bring late Mexican-American phenomenal star Selena back to life as she lulled us to her rendition of the timeless hit “Dreaming of You”.

Week 12: Geneva Cruz as Liza Minnelli 


And last week, the jurors weren’t able to contain their amazement as she enthusiastically emerged to the stage as the award-winning singer-actress Liza Minnelli and astounded with her take on “Cabaret”.  Her spectacular number brought the Pop Royalty her first-ever win, which made her truly emotional as she dedicated it to her late mom.

In this exciting finale, all contenders will choose their own favorite ultimate idol to impersonate as they vie to become this season’s Grand Winner of one million pesos and a house and lot. 

Which artist Geneva will impersonate in the much-awaited grand showdown this coming weekend? Well, you better not miss the finale of Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3 this Saturday and Sunday evening on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11!