Christian Bables shines with credible, exceptional impersonations in Your Face Sounds Familiar 3 journey

The “New Breed Actor” Christian Bables doesn’t fall any short of his moniker in Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3. He is a multi-awarded and talented actor, after all. Through every performance, his fresh and spot-on acting shines — sometimes, tricking our eyes into believing that the celeb he’s impersonating is really in front of us.

While we wait for his finale-worthy performance, let’s look back on Christian’s show-stopping performances since Week 1 of Your Face Sounds Familiar.


WEEK 1 - Christian Bables as Adam Levine


His very first step onto the stage as the smoking look-alike of Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine was complete with the three-time Grammy winner’s strapped guitar and elaborate arm tattoos. For the song, Christian sang the band’s hit “Sugar.”


WEEK 2 - Christian Bables as Cher


By Week 2, Christian made sure to deliver more to his performance. Impersonating the “The Goddess of Pop” Cher, Christian stunned us with his near perfect singing of “Strong Enough.” Christian was able to copy the iconic singer’s lisp, rounded voice, and even the little mannerisms, allowing him to land 3rd place for the week.


WEEK 3 - Christian Bables as Justin Timberlake


He tried to bring “Sexy Back” the following week as the multi-talented star Justin Timberlake. Playing a star known for his acting, singing, and dancing was definitely a struggle, but Christian still managed to score higher than most of his competitors.


WEEK 4 - Christian Bables as Vina Morales


The week after, Christian had to focus more on his singing as he transformed into the remarkable multi-awarded singer Vina Morales. The high belts of “Pangako Sa ‘Yo” may have been too high to reach, but Christian was not afraid to take it on.


WEEK 5 - Christian Bables as Francis Magalona


Week 5 presented an all new challenge to Christian as he took on the challenge of performing as the master rapper, Francis Magalona. Everyone in the audience didn’t hesitate standing up and rocking on with him while he rapped “Ito Ang Gusto Ko” with pure energy and spunk.


WEEK 6 – Christian Bables as Michael Jackson


The following week, he was tasked to perform as the influential King of Pop' Michael Jackson. Performing the singer’s “Rock with You,” Christian did his best to add that signature Michael Jackson performance by even doing the iconic moonwalk.


WEEK 7 - Christian Bables as Vice Ganda


This only powered him to do better in Week 7 as the Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda. Internalizing Vice’s powerful presence and stellar look, Christian gave an incredibly memorable party performance of “Karakaraka”.


WEEK 8 - Christian Bables as Michael Buble


Christian swooned and swayed us with his dashing look as the smooth singer Michael Bublé. He performed “Sway.”


WEEK 9 – Christian Bables as James Reid


Christian worked to redeem himself as the handsome actor and singer-songwriter James Reid while performing “Cool Down.”


WEEK 10 – Christian Bables as Mike Hanopol


Not losing any tenacity, Christian continued to rise in Week 10 as the Pinoy rock icon Mike Hanopol. His blows in the past weeks only fueled him to exert more effort in shocking us with what he had in store. And shocked we were as Christian successfully made our jaw drops throughout his rocking performance. The judges truly saw Mike Hanapol in him and granted him the rightful top spot of first place for the week. 


WEEK 11 – Christian Bables as Alice Cooper


He was assigned to play a rock singer again for the following week. As “The Godfather of Shock Rock” Alice Cooper, Christian delivered an emotionally-packed performance of “I Never Cry.”


WEEK 12: Christian Bables as Nikki Minaj


Performing the viral song “Super Bass” as Nicki Minaj in Week 12, Christian showed he both got the scintillating moves and gritty rapping skills, not to mention mimicking the Queen of Rap’s distinctive look, pull off this high-energy, incredible transformation.

Knowing how he slayed his Francis M rapping skills, perfected his Vice Ganda level energy and crafted spot-on impersonations of the likes of Cher and Mike Hanopol, Christian has got his hand in the bag in the Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3 Grand Showdown.

In this exciting finale, all contenders will choose their own favorite ultimate idol to impersonate as they vie to become this season’s Grand Winner of one million pesos and a house and lot.

Will Christian become Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3 champion? Let’s find out in the Grand Showdown on May 29 and 30 on the Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11.