Ken San Jose’s impressive performances that catapulted him to the World of Dance PH Finals

He's already taking the Internet world by storm as a teen hiphop online sensation with a huge throng of followers in various social media platforms and massive viewers on YouTube. He has already worked with several artists and dance choreographers from across the globe, yet he still chose to show the world what he got by joining the Juniors Division of World of Dance Philippines.

And now, he is set to enter the World Final after dominating the said category. As we congratulate and wish Ken San Jose luck on his feat, let's take a look back on the journey he'd been through in this feature.

The Qualifiers

It was indeed a love at first sight as the 16-year-old Filipino-American dancer immediately captivated us with his charm and swag the first time he set his foot on the World of Dance Philippines stage during the The Qualifiers round. But once he began exhibiting his take on the James Reid hit "Huwag Ka Nang Humirit", the whole studio erupted into shrieks and applauses.

Putting his deceased dad as his primary inspiration, Ken received praises from the judges, not to mention a standing ovation and salute from Billy Crawford, because of his impeccable isolation routines that he deemed as something creative and unique.

When asked why he still joined the contest in spite of the fame he's already savoring at the present, the young dancer said that competing against the other talented performers in the country pushes him to work harder, to exceed the expectations of other people, and to showcase himself more.

The Duels

Ken was able to head on to the next round, The Duels, and was pitted versus another astounding hip-hop dancer, Digos City's pride Dhao Mac. Both of them may have exerted their full confidence and energies in their equally-electrifying performances, but it was still Ken's video game-inspired number that impressed the judges the most because of its creativity,  cleanliness, and perfect timing.

The Cut

On The Cut round, he once again got us swooned with his seamless jazzy performance that came as a pleasant surprise for Judge Gary Valenciano, who was amazed with how he was able to hit its hard and soft parts. Well, he revealed being inspired by his soon-to-be special someone and how he'll probably act when he's with her. Kilig!

The Division Finals

For his winning entry to his showdown with his Top 3 Juniors Division contenders, Ken was able to move us with his emotive interpretation to Shawn Mendes' "In My Blood". It did not only got him emotional but Billy as well, for he could not hold back his tears after seeing himself in Ken and thanked him for giving him hope since his dad is also ill at the present.

"People may not know this because on social media, we only show the good parts of ourselves, but I've been going through so much," he said when asked about the story behind his compelling performance. "I guess, this song just really spoke to me because it talks about how it feels like the world is against you. He feels like he's gonna give up but he can't because it's not in his blood."

Keep on dancing towards your dreams, Ken!

Watch Ken San Jose compete in the World of Dance Philippines grand finals on Saturday, April 6, before MMK, and Sunday, April 7, before Rated K!