Luka and Jenalyn dance their way to the World of Dance PH Final with sweet, fascinating routines

As we have been well acquainted with the competition in the past months, many of us already know that Jenalyn Saraza Pacheco, 18, and Luka Milacic Perusina, 22, have competed in the first two seasons of World of Dance in the US. Unfortunately, Luka and Jenalyn, who hail from Toronto, Canada, were not able to make it to the final rounds in both seasons. However, that experience didn’t stop them to try once more in the homeland of Jenalyn’s mother Myra Pacheco.

Jenalyn stressed that the reason why they joined the competition was to showcase their talent in cabaret ballroom dancing, and make her Filipino family proud of her. Although she didn’t grow up in the Philippines, Jenalyn is honored with her Filipino roots, as she practices the culture and values together with her family. Meanwhile, her Canadian dance partner Luka said that he also loves the Filipino culture and considers it fascinating and wonderful to be in the country to compete in the Upper Division of World of Dance Philippines.

An astounding duo, Luka and Jenalyn really proved to us that they deserve their spot in the finals. And before we get to see how their last hurrah will be, let’s look back at their jaw-dropping performances which made them enter the World Final in the first season of World of Dance Philippines.

The Qualifiers

WATCH: Luka and Jenalyn own the stage with their world-class talent


For their first day in the competition, Luka and Jenalyn already made a mark with their amazing performance. They truly impressed the judges with their acrobatic routine. Judge Gary Valenciano even commented that their performance had so much heart and “that’s what made it world class.”

The Duels

WATCH: T.A. Duo faces Luka and Jenalyn in a breathtaking dance battle


Although they saw how great their competition T.A. Duo was in the duels before they performed, Luka and Jenalyn still exuded confidence in their performance. They gave us something sweet and smooth along with their signature transitions. Like how judge Maja Salvador said it, their sweet connection can be felt in their entire performance although they aren’t even each other’s special someone.

The Cut

WATCH: Luka and Jenalyn excite everyone with their mesmerizing performance


Making ‘the cut’ is something very crucial and they clearly showed that their awesome performance made them deserving to reach the next stage. Luka and Jenalyn gave us an extremely dramatic number which left judge Maja almost speechless. They ended up having 95.3 points which turned out to be the highest average score that night.

The Division Finals

WATCH: Luka and Jenalyn own the stage with their breathtaking performance


Their breathtaking number in the division finals left everyone mesmerized. Unlike all their past performances where Luka’s strength is always on the surface, Jenalyn showed some girl power this time. Stunned by their performance, judge Billy commented: “That was flawless, flawless.”

Indeed, Luka and Jenalyn showed us that getting defeated for the first try should make someone even more determined to go for the gold. Now that they are in the finals, will their last performance in the competition become the key to achieving their dream?

Let’s all find out in the World Final of World of Dance Philippines this Saturday, April 6 before MMK and Sunday, April 7, before Rated K!