Wildflower fans embody Lily Cruz on TikTok

To say that Wildflower has some of the most intense scenes is an understatement. There was one heated confrontation after another. The revelations and schemes only grew more and more chaotic. Of course, credit goes to the cast for effectively portraying their characters and making sure that Kapamilyas at home were constantly at the edge of their seats. But who did it better than Maja Salvador?

The actress’ performance as Lily Cruz and Ivy Aguas will be remembered all throughout her career and easily the history of television dramas. Maja has set the bar for what it means to be fierce, from her eyes that shoot daggers to her sharp tongue created iconic lines.

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Despite ending back in 2018, Wildflower is still a favorite among many Kapamilyas. Now, it has even invaded the video sharing app TikTok. Here are only some of the best users who recreated some of Lily Cruz’s triggered moments!

The sudden death of Nanay Carlota (Ana Abad Santos) was heartbreaking, to say the least. She was practically Ivy Aguas’ second mother. As expected, this was one of the scenes that was famously re-enacted on TikTok. One user hanged a doll from the ceiling to portray Nanay Carlota. Even Miss Q & A 2018 second runner-up Lars Pacheco shared her version featuring her cat.



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Later on, it was revealed that Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing) was actually the one who killed Nanay Carlota. True to Wildflower’s outrageous brand, this truth bomb was dropped during Ivy and Arnaldo’s wedding. User Robic Villanueva, who previously appeared on Magandang Buhay, eagerly recreated Ivy’s rage from this scene which only proves why she is TikTok’s “best actress”.



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Another former Miss & A 2018 finalist who showed off her acting skills is Brenda Mage. In a duet with Robic as Lily and Brenda as Arnaldo, they performed the scene when Lily finally admitted her identity. In a separate TikTok, Lars also embodied Lily in this gripping moment. Meanwhile, other users decided to put a funny twist to the scene.



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When talking about Wildflower, it would be crime not to include Lily’s most iconic line in this compilation. “Black is out. Gold is in. Yes, just like gold, I am indestructible.” This is arguably one of the defining scenes from the entire teleserye. Lily Cruz comes back from the dead to confront the Ardiente’s face to face.



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Are you fierce enough to make a Wildflower TikTok? Which Lily Cruz moment do you want to recreate?