Zsa Zsa Padilla's fiery and feisty stint as Red Dragon in Wildflower


One fiery and feisty villain indeed made the scintillating revenge drama Wildflower more exciting and exhilarating.

Singer-actress Zsa Zsa Padilla breathed life to Helena Montoya, who goes by the alias "Red Dragon", whose main aim is to bring down and kill Lily Cruz (Maja Salvador) and her family.

Known as a successful jeweler and artist, Helena conceals her illegal drugs operations through philanthropic works she coordinated with Lily.

Although her character's appearance is short-lived, Helena surely made a lasting impression to the avid viewers' minds.

Let's look back at some of Red Dragon’s enthralling scenes that proved she's no ordinary kontrabida and how Zsa Zsa brilliantly portrayed the reviled character.



Helena's first ever encounter with daughter Emilia (Aiko Melendez) since giving birth to her was absolutely a poignant moment. We saw how much they have missed and loved each other despite their very long separation.



We got to see the ruthlessness of the newest villain as she set one of her henchmen Apollo (Christopher Sommereaux) on fire, whom she alleged of escaping from her.



Upon knowing that they have the same endeavors for the people of Poblacion Ardiente and have the same wrath against the powerful clan, she and Lily immediately clicked, with the former proposing that they could be the best of friends.



Many years had already passed yet, Helena's bewitching beauty seemed to still get Don Julio (Tirso Cruz III) smitten. He might deny it, but his actions spoke for him.



Helena tested Lily's loyalty to her by attempting to pierce a poisonous needle on her neck. But our ferocious heroine didn't simply let her do that and took her down.



In pursuit of finally slaying her archrival, Red Dragon tried to strike Lily with poisonous needles. But, our main girl is always ready to fight as she brandished her knife and self-defense skills that totally frightened her.



Just when she's entertaining the guests during their family event, Lily suddenly appeared and unraveled the wicked secret of Helena by sending a video of one of her former foot soldiers (Dragon Ladies) telling everything about her multi-billion peso business and her primary allies.



Even though she's imprisoned, the bars didn't stop Helena from executing her evil schemes against Lily. Of course, with the help of her equally wicked daughter Emilia and her ever-faithful minion Mercedes (Nina Ricci Alagao).



Amidst Lily's death-defying efforts to chase and stop her in escaping from her legal responsibilities, Red Dragon made sure that the last laugh should be hers.



It's not always rainbows and good tidings for the notorious mother-and-daughter tandem as like any ordinary family do, they also got into fights.



She might be successful in running away from incarceration, our strong-willed Lily didn't let Helena to simply carry out her plan of keeping the town's fund by confiscating them from her special, highly secured pit.



And Red Dragon finally got her mortal nemesis family in her hands! In order to scare and intensify the fury of Lily, she showed her how she would slaughter them.

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