10 times Ivy Aguas conquered death in Wildflower


Last Tuesday night, October 3, in the top-rating and most talked-about primetime drama series “Wildflower,” Ivy Aguas (Maja Salvador) breathed her last breath after she was buried alive by Emilia (Aiko Melendez) and Julio (Tirso Cruz III). The Ardientes really made sure that their biggest enemy would no longer live. In today’s Kapamilya Toplist, let us list down the 10 times Ivy conquered death before she came to an untimely end.

1.    When she was still a little girl, Lily was almost raped and abused by a tricycle driver. She was able to escape his attempt when a young boy whistled and tried to draw attention after hearing her screams.

2.    Ivy was accidentally shot when a gunman tried to kill Emilia. She protected her and took the bullet instead. Luckily, she survived the tragic incident.

3.    At their wedding, Ivy was accidentally shot by Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing) on the shoulder when he was slowly losing his mind. He went crazy after she confronted him and found out the truth about the death of Nanay Carlota (Ana Abad Santos).

4.    Ivy outlasted another evil plan of Emilia. She fought against the group of men that were hired by her nemesis to rape and kill her, which also reminded her of the rape attempt she experienced during her childhood.

5.    When Arnaldo tried to abuse Ivy during their yacht getaway, Ivy was saved by Diego (Joseph Marco). The two men engaged in a bloody fistfight that ended up with an intense gun faceoff.

6.    When Julio confronted and threatened her, Ivy told him that if she wanted to kill his grandson, she would have done it a long time ago. She also warned him not to accuse her falsely again.

7.    Ivy confessed to Emilia that she was the traitor of the Ardiente family when the two women had an intense and life-threatening fight.

8.    When Julio attempted to kill her again, Ivy answered back and told him that she was not yet done with him and the Ardiente family.

9.    Ivy tried to escape from the coffin while she was being buried alive by the Ardiente family. Emilia lit a candle, offered flowers and bid her goodbye to her archenemy.

10.    During her last few breaths, Ivy tried to prove that she could handle everything. However, she met her end after staying inside the coffin for a few hours. Diego and Jepoy (Vin Abrenica) tried to dig her grave but they were too late.

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