PAANDAR 2017: How Ivy Aguas and Lily Cruz shookt viewers on Wildflower

ABS-CBN really knows how to give just love to the Kapamilyas this year as it launched the revenge drama series that turned our television viewing habit more riveting – Wildflower. Since the first day of its airing, it has consistently dominated not only the primetime block with its all-time high ratings, but the social media world, too, as it exhilarating episodes every night never fails to trend. From being the ferocious and deceitful Ivy Aguas during the first book, Maja Salvador’s character had finally unveiled her true identity as Lily Cruz, a fierce lady who’ll do anything to seek vengeance to the Ardiente clan who made her family suffer when she was still young. We have witnessed this transformation and in between are moments in her life that absolutely left our eyes pop and mouths agape. Here are some:

Ardiente statue smashed

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Provoked by what the Ardientes have done and said about her and her family, our enraged heroine ruthlessly smashed the statue of Don Julio Ardiente, the clan’s patriarch and the town’s founder who she blames for the death of her parents.

Nanay Carlota passes away

This could be the most heart-wrenching event in Ivy’s life. The sudden and brutal death of her Nanay Carlota (Ana Abad Santos), who stood as her second mother, left her in absolute anguish and triggered her to avenge against the cruel clan.

Camia Cruz resurfaces

After years of being away from the public eye, Camia Cruz (Sunshine Cruz) resurfaced and now to get even with the Ardientes. For the past years, she had mustered enough courage to face and even pointed a gun at them.

Ivy says yes to Arnaldo

Would you believe that Ivy accepted Arnaldo’s marriage proposal? We didn’t see that coming as well, but it’s only her way to fully acquire the trust of the Ardiente’s heir and easily accomplish her revenge plot.

Emilia’s scheme backfires

Emilia (Aiko Melendez) may be wise, but Ivy Aguas proved that she is wiser. Planning to take the life of her son’s fiancée, the former tried to persuade the latter to take a sip of the cocktail drink she mixed with poison. However, Emilia fell on her own trap and her evil scheme took a toll on her.

Ivy in black wedding gown

This could be the most highly-anticipated and most talked about wedding of the year, and this was not even a real one. Ivy steered away from the traditional white gown and appeared in an elegant black ensemble while holding a bouquet of purple flowers – two hues associated with death.

Wildest wedding

Apart from her shocking ensemble, what made it the “wildest wedding” were the explosive revelations ensued in that episode. The heated confrontation between Ivy and Arnaldo tore the hearts of the viewers after the groom confessed killing Nanay Carlota which made the #BrideInBlack very infuriated.

Arnaldo’s obsession with Ivy

After their scandalous wedding got cancelled, Arnaldo’s obsession with Ivy didn’t cease. He even kidnapped and attempted to kill her for so no other guys could ever take her away from him. Gratefully, his younger brother Diego (Joseph Marco) and her childhood friend-turned-Arnaldo’s bodyguard Jepoy Madrigal (Vin Abrenica) came to the rescue to save our mighty heroine. Did we mention that they’ve got smitten with Ivy as well?

Ivy refuses to “die”

It seemed that the wicked clan had finally accomplish their goal of ending the life of their archenemy by burying Ivy alive. Despite being enclosed in a made-up coffin, six feet under, our mighty protagonist’s fighting spirit remained undisputable and vowed that that was not going to be the end of their battle.

Lily Cruz returns

Just when the Ardientes thought that they successfully ended her life, Ivy Aguas is back and very much live. And this time, as Lily Cruz. It could have been a special night for the town’s first family, but she did not let it happen. She literally had an explosive entrance as she sashayed down the stairs in a sparkling golden frock and introduced herself as the real Lily Cruz. Her unforeseen comeback was a threat to the Ardientes, but instead of wearing black, she wore gold. Because what she said, “Black is out, gold is in. Yes, just like gold, I am indestructible!”

“Red Dragon” emerges

Another character is in! However, she’s not an addition to Lily’s small circle of allies but to her growing number of enemies. With Helena Montoya a.k.a. Red Dragon’s arrival, our heroine’s life got more exciting and challenging. And one of the things she and Diego did to meet her was to sneak in the club she owns, but they ended up dancing onstage.

Lily-Emilia-Natalie face-off

It’s been a while since we last saw the three “witches” face-off, and they finally had their reunion during an event.

Lily reveals Helena’s true identity

After wearing fabulous black and gold gowns in her past scene-stealing appearances, Lily gate-crashed Helena’s concert in a shiny and skin-baring white number, not to support the cunning woman but to unravel her true identity as the powerful female leader of several illegal organizations and her affiliations with other influential and corrupt personalities.

Is Wildlflower going to have another explosive year in 2018? Don’t dare miss joining Lily Cruz as her great fight continues.