Why women should look up to Ivy/Lily in “Wildflower”

The big reveal of Lily Cruz (Maja Salvador) as truly alive in the raved-about teleserye, “Wildflower”, has #shookt audiences and rabid followers that trail the scheming plan of her alluring, strong-willed alter ego, heiress Ivy Aguas against the Ardientes, the powerful political clan that caused the death of her parents as a young girl.

To have defied death twice, survived failed relationships and gone from rags to riches, Lily/Ivy is every woman’s protagonist. Let’s get to know why she is a role model in modern times.

• She is Family-Oriented. Lily/Ivy is driven by her deep love and devotion to her parents Dante (Christian Vasquez) and Camia (Sunshine Cruz), and adoptive mother Prianka (Priscilla Meirelles-Estrada). Being the only child, Lily was showered with affection, brought up to be respectful to elders, and emulated the values of compassion, hard work, and determination through example.

• She is a Loyal Friend. Tragedy that befell Lily/Ivy at a young age drew her to close companionships with Diego (Joseph Marco), Ana (Yen Santos), Jepoy (Vin Abrenica) and Yaya Carlota (Ana Abad Santos). The success of Ivy’s detailed plan to expose the evil deeds of Gov. Julio Ardiente (Tirso Cruz III) and his corrupt politician daughter, Emilia (Aiko Melendez) before the citizens of Poblacion Ardiente was attributed at most part to her friends who aided in every need and unwavered in their understanding and camaraderie.

• She is Fiercely Independent. Mama Prianka – a widow when she adopted Lily/Ivy – is acclaimed for developing her adoptive daughter to become the woman that she grew up to be – confident, street-smart and strong. Such upbringing gave Ivy the opportunity to become an influential figure in society, but never forgot her roots and the people who helped in her struggling years.

• She is the Essence of Girl Power. Lily/Ivy is not dependent on the opinions of others to define her self-worth. She exudes a commanding presence as she is as stunning, from high heels to her intricate gowns – turning the heads of admirers and foes alike. And amazingly, she knows how to fight and defend herself against the goons of the Ardientes.

As every episode unravels the truth, will the indestructible Lily Cruz finally get her long-awaited, long-deserved justice once and for all? Let’s all hope she does! #YouGoGirl!