REVIEW: Arnaldo’s gripping, heartbreaking last stand on Wildflower


No one would dare move a muscle as another pivotal scene transpired on Wildflower.

But this claimed a riveting and acclaimed character, the ill-fated Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing) who breathed his last after a chaotic and violent encounter with Lily (Maja Salvador) and Diego (Joseph Marco).


This thrilling scene was executed with impressive detail, fight choreography, and thespic brilliance. As Arnaldo and Lily struggled to avoid the former to waylay a sleeping Diego, the gripping succession of the unfolding events were well laid out.


And, you wouldn’t really expect what would happen next.


As a woke Diego tries to save Lily from Arnaldo’s murderous fit, he himself gets stabbed in their own encounter. Diego then gasps to survive as Arnaldo tries to give the final blow, but Lily came to the rescue and shoves her would-be husband to glass door, breaking it as the bloody clash is taken outdoors.


Here, Arnaldo overpowers Lily while Diego recovers his bearings, saves Lily and wrangles with Arnaldo. But Arnaldo had become the mightier one with Diego’s injuries and leaves Lily’s beloved husband sprawling in the ground. Here, Lily and Diego are vanquished and Arnaldo had the advantage of having the gun in his hand ready to kill the couple who brought him much suffering.


And as Arnaldo points the gun, primarily to kill Diego, Lily dares him to kill them both as they would happily spend the after life together while he stays in the mortal world with no one loving him.


Lily then stressed that even she would come out alive, she will never love a “criminal.”


Here, Arnaldo becomes desolate, thinking that the woman he had loved all throughout had spoken nothing but detestation towards him and was willing to lay down her life for Diego, the gun he pointed at them had now been trained on himself. And he pulled the trigger.


Arnaldo then fell to the ground lifeless, ending a troubled yet remarkable journey of a character we both immensely loved and ferociously hated.


But his death, nevertheless, was met with much sadness (heaping RK with much acclaim and praise), especially on social media, as the episode hashtag #WildflowerHulingHinga was the top trending topic on Twitter.

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