PAANDAR 2017: Most watched, exhilarating Wildflower videos on YouTube

One of the most talked about series this year is the revenge teleserye Wildflower, which stars Maja Salvador as Ivy Aguas/ Lily Cruz. Its cunning plot plus memorable lines got us so hooked that we can’t help but to watch the scenes again and again, with millions upon millions of views on YouTube. Here are the most viewed videos of the riveting teleserye this year.

10. Lily seeks revenge!

Call it lukso ng dugo, Lily (Xyriel Manabat) feels that her mother is still alive, but Prianka Aguas (Priscilla Meirelles) says so otherwise. On the grave of Prianka’s daughter, she calls out Lily that there is more that she needs to learn to take revenge. With over 1.3 million views in youtube, this short video from the fourth episode prepares the viewers for one hell of a ride.

9.  Ivy assures Arnaldo

Oh the bewitching Ivy Aguas sure has her ways around Arnaldo Ardiente (RK Bagatsing). One of these is shown in the video that had hit more than 1.3 million views. The young Ardiente gets jealous of his half brother Diego, yet Ivy pacifies him and ends with Ivy’s finger wedging a kiss.

8. Arnaldo's crime

The bride in black stops the wedding ceremonies without raising her voice. She simply had to watch the live news feed of her groom and his heinous crimes. Ivy hits two birds with one stone with this stunt: no need to say “I do” to Arnaldo and exposing his bad deeds.

7. Ivy lashes out on Emilia

Emilia tries to get Ivy raped and killed, but fortune is on the latter’s side as she escapes Emilia’s evil plan. This video has 1.4 million views and also has one of the most popular memes from the show. Ivy’s big vengeful eyes shows nothing but anger as she chokes and strangles Emilia. Truly, that scene got us shookt!  

6. Life in exchange of reputation

The only full episode that lands on the top ten most viewed serves is an exposition to why headstrong Lily Cruz wanted to exact revenge to the Ardientes. Her father (Christian Vasquez) was killed and her mother (Sunshine Cruz) was raped. Who wouldn’t want to get even? Top that with Lily’s father Dante saying, “Anak, gusto kong matuto kang protektahan ang sarili mo, dahil hindi lahat ng pagkakataon nasa tabi mo kami ng nanay mo.” Camia thinks that Lily is too young for this sort of things, but Dante, as if on foresight, says that he wants Lily to be ready. He makes Lily promise that she should would not allow herself to be beaten, especially by those who oppress her.  

5. Ivy guns down the Ardientes

With more than 1.7 million views, this scene from episode 13 shows us Ivy shooting down Julio Ardiente, Emilia, Arnaldo, and Raul Torillo. In the end, it was all in her thoughts and she reminds herself that her parents would want nothing but justice. Certainly, Ivy proves that revenge is a dish best served cold, with all the manipulative and devious ways she holds her own against the antagonists of her life.

4. Natalie is threatened by Ivy

Women’s intuition plays a big part, not only with Ivy, but also with Arnaldo’s love, Nathalie Alcantara (Roxanne Barcelo). In this video that has garnered more than 1.73 million views, Natalie feels a tinge of jealousy as she sees Ivy and Arnaldo talking. Threatened, she claims that she’s happy if Ivy stays strictly because of business.

3. Arnaldo accidentally shoots Ivy

After lamenting, crying, and begging for Ivy’s forgiveness, Arnaldo goes mad and begins shooting. A stray bullet hits Ivy on the shoulder. Thankfully, she is rushed to the hospital by Diego and Jepoy. This video has more than 1.8 million views.

2. Nathalie tries to attack Ivy

This video, where Nathalie makes her claim on her boyfriend, Arnaldo, has passed the 2 million mark. But, Nathalie only ends up drenched from her fall to the pool. Arnaldo tries to explain, but this only makes Nathalie angrier that she wants Arnaldo to choose.

1. Ivy slaps Nathalie

We all had been waiting for the catfight! Unfortunately for Nathalie, Ivy Aguas was the more ferocious. Our girl, Ivy, showed it in this video that tops the list with over 2.2 million views. Nathalie is just a tiny speck of a roadblock to the passive aggressive Ivy’s plans. That’s why with so many confrontations, the short haired vamp felt like she was winning, that is until this scene wherein she provokes Ivy to finally hit and threaten her.

All of us were definitely shookt, hooked and inspired with this drama’s powerful story and gripping scenes. As Wildflower’s vengeful, exhilarating tale continues, we can’t wait to see more of it on-air and online!