Questions that need to be answered in Wildflower’s wildest ending

The wildest revenge series on television is now on its final week.


After shocking us through intense face-offs among its fearless characters and nail-biting scenes that never fail to trend in the worldwide web everyday, Wildflower is bidding goodbye with a promise of a spectacular finale that will surely linger in our minds for a long time.

With the death of one of its heinous antagonist Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing) and Lily (Maja Salavador) once again escaping death from the hands of the wicked Emilia (Aiko Melendez), what do we have to anticipate in its fast-approaching conclusion?

Here are some of the questions we think you are yearning to get answered in its last five episodes:

To whom will Jepoy (Vin Abrenica) end up with, Ana (Yen Santos) or Natalie (Roxanne Barcelo)?


Aside from Diego and Lily’s romance, we also witnessed how Ana and Jepoy’s relationship blossomed from being mere childhood friends to becoming sweethearts. However, their bond was put to the test when Natalie get into the picture ruined everything between them by seducing Jepoy.

She was successful because Ana called it quits and seemed to have found a new love in Marlon (Miko Raval), while Jepoy keeps on feeding her fantasies.

Is there still a chance for Ana and Jepoy to reconcile? Or has he already fallen in love with Nathalie?


Did the Ardientes successfully escape?

As the people of Poblacion Ardiente are on the loose to search for the double trouble tandem of Emilia and Don Julio (Tirso Cruz III) and have them pay for their heinous deeds, the two were able to flee from the rallying horde. Would there be a chance for them to get arrested?



Is Lily’s war against Emilia and Don Julio really over?


Knowing the Ardientes, we’re certain that this narrative won’t be over without them retaliating or attempting to slay their archrival Lily Cruz. Thus, the upcoming episodes are surely more nerve-wracking and action-packed than ever!



Will peace continue to rule over Poblacion Ardiente?

Now that Emilia and Don Julio have fled from the town they used to reign, the townsfolk are rest assured that they could finally live in peace and full of hope under the administration of Diego and Lily.


But the teaser for the February 5 episode hints that there’s a commotion about to happen as a gunshot roared in the town plaza where a significant event is taking place. Is that signal the return of the Ardientes?



Is there going to be a happily ever after for Lily and Diego?

Love conquers all. With all the predicaments and perilous situations they have to face, Lily and Diego remain strong and true to their vow of not letting one another be alone in their risky journey towards serving justice to all the people harmed by the fiendish Ardiente clan.

They already got married and helped their small town rise again. But, is this really the blissful ending we all have been waiting for? 


Will it be a tragic or triumphant end for Lily Cruz? Never miss an episode of Wildflower’s final week, weeknights after The King Is In Love on Primetime Bida.