REVIEW: “Wildest” Wildflower finale offers enlightening, unexpected turns

Wildflower’s “wildest ending” surely lived up to expectations as a fitting end to its gripping revenge story.

But more than just having the Ardientes pay for their crimes, it depicts how a vengeful Lily (Maja Salvador) can overcome hate and anger and become a better, fulfilled person, now not seeking an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but justice in the eyes of God and the law.

This was quite enlightening for viewers, who expected a fiery end to the year-long hit drama.

And quite unexpectedly in this last episode, we see her not even lifting a finger in having the Ardiente edifice come crumbling down. It was Emilia (Aiko Melendez) herself gunning down her father Don Julio (Tirso Cruz III) for that terrible crime of killing her mother. And, Don Julio getting further “erased from existence” by Red Dragon Helena’s (Zsa Zsa Padilla) adoptive daughter and “heiress” Venus (Karylle), who surprisingly appeared in an unexpected twist to deal the final blow on her surrogate mom’s murderer.

Emilia was also paralyzed after Don Julio first shot her in the scuffle and was hauled to jail.

It’s called poetic justice. Lily could easily gone into a vengeful murderous fit. And Emilia even begged that she kill her as Julio lay lifeless. But she didn’t.

It teaches us not to take the law in our own hands but let justice take its course.  And for Lily, it was very fulfilling.

Surprisingly, Lily even visited Emilia in jail on her birthday to give her a cake. A forgiving Lily said despite all the things she has done, she deserves a second chance.

After the fall of the Ardientes, Lily spearheaded a new beginning for the locality as the new provincial governor bringing peace and prosperity, before advancing her political career to even the national level.

The well-conceptualized and executed final episode was aspirational and empowering, as the actors led by Maja Salvador, Tirso Cruz III and Aiko Melendez were very much effective in having their characters stir and resonate with viewers.

But Karylle surely shocked everyone with her impressive cameo as Venus. Her portrayal was as intensely malevolent as it was genuinely enjoyable.

Public acclaim was overwhelming. The last episode’s hashtag #WildflowerWildestEnding became the top trending topic on Twitter as the livestream of the cast viewing party of the episode reached 680,000 views on ABS-CBN Facebook Live.

Netizens were also impressed with how the drama ended.