12 times Arnaldo’s intense love for Ivy both endeared and terrified us on Wildflower


Since it started almost a year ago, Wildflower never failed to trend online and create buzz everywhere with its enthralling episodes each day.


As we follow the journey of Ivy Aguas-slash-Lily Cruz (Maja Salvador) in her vengeful pursuits against the Ardientes, we were also introduced to the other characters who either supported or clashed with her.


Aside from her incessant bickering with Emilia (Aiko Melendez), her pretentious romance with Arnaldo Torillo (RK Bagatsing) also kept us glued to the much talked-about drama.


Now that she’s married to her one true love Diego (Joseph Marco) and her deranged ex-lover is on his way to end their path towards forever, let’s reminisce the moments Arnaldo showed her huge adoration for Ivy.



It seems that Arnaldo knew his way to Ivy’s heart. Apart from taking her around the small town, he also took her to a picnic by the lake and presented her the guest house where she could stay as long as she wanted. That wasn’t only a gesture to persuade her to continue her investment, but also to become her beau.



He had terribly got smitten with her! Although they had a mutual understanding, there’s still a problem. That time, he was still involved with Natalie (Roxanne Barcelo) and Ivy, being one of the richest women in the country, didn’t want to be just his mistress. Thus, he promised that she’s going to be his first lady.



And that was proven when he lied in front of Natalie’s face just to have an alone time with Ivy and talked about his political plans.



Although his feelings for her was undoubtable, Arnaldo’s family highly distrusted his new girlfriend’s intentions on forging an allegiance with them, particularly Don Julio (Tirso Cruz III).



His deep love for her had taken him to the limits! He snuck into her bathroom and assaulted her! Fortunately, our courageous heroine was equipped with the skills she needed to defend herself and successfully knocked him down.



Our mad villain was extremely distraught after Ivy called it quits between them. He cried so hard and exerted all his effort to stop her from leaving and retract her decision.



In one of their intimate encounters, Arnaldo shockingly hit Ivy and tried to rape her because of intense jealousy and insobriety. It was after she caught Ivy and Diego doing something malicious.



We got to see another side of him when he became a knight in shining armor for our damsel in distress after she got “abducted” by Arthur (Arnold Reyes), who was actually one of her secret allies.



Just when everyone in Poblacion Ardiente thought that it’s going to be happily ever after for their mayor and his future first lady, the biggest and darkest secret of Arnaldo got revealed during their wedding. Here he is, attempting to woo his supposed wife again after confessing that he killed her nanny Nanay Carlota (Ana Abad Santos).



Now that it’s finally over for him and Ivy, Don Julio found it difficult to hide his disappointment and pity for his favorite grandson as he saw how hysterical and furious he was. When asked what he wanted for him to get back to his sanity, Ivy was his only wish.



The mind forgets but not the heart. This was true in Arnaldo’s case because when after committing suicide and his amnesia erased most of his memories, his heart continued to beat for Ivy.



However, this only lasted for a while as he went back to being a notorious villain, planning to retaliate against Ivy and her horde.


RK Bagatsing was truly a big revelation in the series. His mind-blowing onscreen performance has proven his caliber to keep pace with the veteran and seasoned actors he got to work with in the controversial series, without needing to stay under the shadows of his kin who are famous showbiz personalities as well.


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