REVIEW: Wild wedding in Wildflower that gripped the nation

When chaos grips an otherwise solemn ceremony, with a climactic turn that vindicates those who had been oppressed and abused in a political family’s heinous spree, people will definitely stop and witness the gripping saga.

And, for most of the viewers of Wildflower the past week, it was even so familiar, so close to home.

With Ivy’s (Maja Salvador) scintillating, dark wedding march, clad in her arresting black gown, her vengeful stride indeed has advanced with her scheme in place, seeking the Ardientes to pay for the ultimate crime they did to her—denying her the love of a father, whose life they snatched away.

Bad omen

And even as Emilia (Aiko Melendez) and the Ardiente patriarch Julio (Tirso Cruz III) were overwhelmed in horror seeing a smiling Ivy walk down the aisle, accurately deducing a bad omen, Arnaldo was still in high spirits, all the while captivated by Ivy’s startling walk to the altar. Little did he know, however, of the disastrous turn of events that will commence the downfall of the Ardientes.

A bomb went off just before they exchanged “I do’s.” Diego (Joseph Marco) then appeared and ran to the altar to bring a halt to the whole farce while the ongoing livestream of the wedding was interrupted by a video showing all the crimes the Ardientes committed, and Arnaldo “admitting” he was behind the gruesome killing of Ivy’s foster mother, Carlota (Ana Abad Santos).


The now exposed brutality of the Ardientes became a national item, certainly most unforgivable to everyone’s eyes, let alone Ivy’s vengeful state. Ivy confronted a guilt-stricken Arnaldo and asked if it was all true. He then said it was, but claimed: “Hindi ko sinasadya.” Ivy was livid and said she would not marry a demon, despite Arnaldo falling to his knees and begged Ivy for forgiveness.

Downfall of Ardientes

As more chaos ensued, Ivy told herself that all that has happened, which they hatched to instigate the downfall of the Ardientes, were all for those the family has victimized, especially her father.


And, as a group of activists charged into the church when it was learned from the video that he also killed their leader’s child, Arnaldo took a gun and aimed it at Diego, whom he blamed for ruining him. But as his dad Raul stepped in to stop Arnaldo, the besieged mayor went berserk and started firing uncontrollably, with one bullet hitting Ivy in the shoulder.

As Ivy fell and Arnaldo being led away, Diego and her childhood friend Jepoy (Vin Abrenica) came to her aid. And as she was being brought to a waiting vehicle en route to the hospital, Ivy passed out as Diego frantically shouted her name.

Accurately depicts real events

The episodes were very enticing to viewers as it accurately depicts even real events that perplex us in the political plain. The well-conceived and written story drums up people’s emotions to the highest level with realistic scenes that leave us breathless. All the more, we are marveled by the entire cast’s exceptional performances that made the drama more powerful, chilling, and memorable.


We are mesmerized with the way Maja Salvador depicts the vengeful character, and the way she communicates her pain and grit effectively even with just an expressive twitch in the eye. RK Bagatsing has also been a revelation in these emphatic episodes, delivering the intricacies of his role very well.

Aside from garnering record ratings for an afternoon program, Wildflower hashtags had dominated Philippine trends on Twitter, with netizens expressing acclaim.