Kapamilya Poll: Netizens will terribly miss Diego-Ivy romance on Wildflower

Kapamilya Poll Netizens will terribly miss Diego Ivy romance on Wildflower 1

The teleserye that tremendously changed our primetime viewing habit has reached its final day.

We have followed the journey of the fearless heroine Lily Cruz (Maja Salvador) towards attaining peace and justice for her loved ones and the people of Poblacion Ardiente by carrying out her vengeful schemes against her greedy archrivals Emilia (Aiko Melendez) and Don Julio Ardiente (Tirso Cruz III). But, we also got struck by her love story with two dashing leading men – the sweet yet possessive Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing) and the kindhearted Diego (Joseph Marco).

Flirting with the favored heir Arnaldo was part of her grand plan to gradually defeat the powerful political family. She succeeded through the help of her allies that included childhood buddy, Diego, who left his evil biological family and lived an upright life with the family of his doting nanny.

Complex narrative

The complex narrative unfolded and the war got more intense, and led to the passing of both Arnaldo and Diego, with the former shooting himself upon realizing that Lily would never love him back, while the latter got assassinated by his own grandfather. An ending that we really didn’t expect.

Lily’s relationship with the two charming and valiant princes thrilled us. However, they brandished a different levels of chemistry to the viewers that made it easy for them to choose between the #TeamMamon (the combination of “Maja” and RK’s real first name “Ramon”) and #TeamDieLy (Diego and Lily) they would terribly miss the most.

Through the Kapamilya Poll launched on the official ABS-CBN Facebook page, 57% of the over 3,500 votes was racked up by #TeamDieLy while 43% was given to #TeamMamon.

Poll results


Based on the results, it’s obvious that many agree with the decision of the creators to let Lily end up with Diego, maybe because he is their ideal man. Who would not fall in love with someone like him who doesn’t only possess swooning looks and physique, but a heart of gold as well?

Certainly, the Arnaldo-Ivy shippers didn’t let their beloved tandem be left behind and expressed how they still rooted for the unlikely couple despite it wasn’t a happy ending for them. The netizens commended the strong chemistry and impact of their union that was definitely effortless, palpable, and delighting. Most of them actually calls for another project for RK and Maja where they will be the main loveteam.

Don’t miss the wildest ending of Wildflower on Friday, February 9, after The King Is In Love on Primetime Bida.