Kapamilya Toplist: 10 scenes that showed Anton’s obsession over Celine in Walang Hanggang Paalam

Being loved is definitely one of the best things that could ever happen to a person. But sometimes, it gets a little over the edge, to the point that instead of making your object of affection feel loved, he/she feels suffocated and scared. Take Anton and Celine of Walang Hanggang Paalam as an example.

As avid viewers know, Anton Hernandez, impeccably portrayed by Zanjoe Marudo, is not the first man in the life of Celine Delgado (Angelica Panganiban). Before he came, there was Emman Salvador (Paulo Avelino), who was also the father of her son Robbie (Robbie Wachtel). Since this is the case, Anton had gone possessive towards her and grew jealous with her ex.

Now that the primetime drama is on its final week, let’s revisit the instances when he displayed his intense obsession over Celine in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist.

The first time we probably witnessed it was when he caught her sleeping with him after their son got sick and when he alleged her of getting intimate with Emman that time they got stranded.

Sinabi mo sa akin noon, magpasalamat ako dahil nadugtungan ang buhay ko ng bago kong puso. Naging pabaya ako sa buhay ko noon kasi akala ko mamamatay na ako, pero binigyan mo ng saysay ang buhay ko Celine. Ikaw ‘yong naging buhay ko at kaya kong gawin ang lahat para hindi ka mawala sa akin. Kaya kong pumatay,” he infuriatingly told her.

Anton tends to put color to everything that Emman and Celine do together, even thinking that his fiancée is just using their predicament – the sudden loss of Robbie – to be with him and get back to him. From hurling baseless allegations and painful words on her during their altercations, his anger turned him aggressive and hurt her physically. He treated her as his property, to the point that he ordered his henchmen to kidnap her and eventually make himself appear as his hero and knight-in-shining armor.

Despite seeing Celine struggle over the sudden disappearance of her son, he still insisted for them to still pursue their wedding by proposing to her again and asserting that they should continue with their preparations.

Even though he has grown toxic and overbearing, she still chose to stick by his side in order to confirm her and her allies’ hunch that Anton knows something and has involvement in the child trafficking scheme of their family. He consistently denied it in order to keep her, until she pleaded him to tell her the truth when she confronted him.

In his pursuit of further taking her away from Emman, he keeps on putting the blame on him everytime they would get into fights and taints his reputation. He even filed a restraining order against him and mulled over filing another one for Celine so that they would finally live in peace.

To what extent does his obsession to Celine take Anton? Let’s find out by not missing an episode of the “Against All Odds” finale of Walang Hanggang Paalam, weeknights after Huwag Kang Mangamba on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, and TV5! You may also binge-watch past episodes on iWant TFC and see episode highlights on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s official website and YouTube channel.