Angelica Panganiban’s immensely powerful scenes as Celine in Walang Hanggang Paalam

With all her ‘hugots’ in life and impeccable talent sharpened through the years, it’s no surprise that Angelica Panganiban is serving us nothing but explosive dramatic acting in the newest Kapamilya series Walang Hanggang Paalam. Let’s savor Angelica’s sheer brilliance seen in the pilot episodes of Walang Hanggang Paalam.

Angelica breathes life to the role of a single mother, Celine, thus viewers are treated with an outstanding display of heart-rending performances. Let’s begin with a dramatic confrontation with Paulo Avelino, who plays as her ex-partner, Emman, as they face the terrifying possibilities about their son’s abduction. Angelica coated the scene with the subtle yet deep emotions of a deeply worried mom, leading to an embittered replay of their painful past. She let go of the emotional baggage, shifting from frustrations to fume.  

A series of flashback scenes rolled, flaunting Angelica’s simple yet heartbreaking chops from a heated argument with Emman as they go through their failing relationship, to crying on Emman’s shoulders anxious over Robbie (Robbie Wachtel)’s condition and hospital bills, to turning a deaf ear to Emman’s defense when he was incarcerated.  

Robbie’s abduction heightened Celine’s struggles leading to a breakdown scene in front of Emman. The performance would reflect the agony of a deeply devastated mother, with emotions drawn from the heart and soul.

Running out of options, Celine sought Anton (Zanjoe Marudo)’s help as the kidnappers demanded ransom money. Honest vulnerability and sincere affection were seen in Celine’s eyes as she thanked Anton for the acceptance that looked past her flaws. Later on, Celine is caught up in the confusion when Emman and Anton argued over the course of action needed to save Robbie.

Celine was finally convinced that the kidnapping is bigger than it seems. She took Emman’s side and defended him from Anton’s hunches. She even tended to Emman’s wounds after rushing him to the hospital for sustaining gunshot wounds from the suspects.  

Celine was reduced to tears after the failed attempt to save Robbie. The hurt evident in Celine’s moving performance and the confusion she felt were terribly heartbreaking. She dropped by the Salvadors’ abode to take new information from Emman, only to be reminded of how her ex-boyfriend loved their son.

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