All the crazy things JC Santos did in the past revealed in this Guilty or Not Guilty game

JC Santos is the type to live life to the fullest, so much so he had ‘colorful’ experiences, maybe ‘kalokohan,’ to reveal in this game for Kapamilya Chat called “Guilty or Not Guilty.”

He was so candid! First, he’s guilty of asking someone’s hand in marriage, of course. He tied the knot with Chef Shyleena Herrera in September 2019 and they now have a beautiful baby daughter, River Aletheia, who’s turning one on February 26.

He’s guilty of kissing a friend and someone of the same sex. But they’re just purely work-related. In high school, he would kiss his crush’s photo as good luck. “Noong high school, nagbibigayan ng studio pics. Naglalagay ako sa wallet ng picture ng crush ko. Pamahiin ko ‘yun para sagutin ako, iki-kiss ko ‘yung picture. Nagkatotoo ‘yung isa.”

Just like most of us, he also once held feelings for someone he can’t have. Yet, he never tried to steal someone else’s love, as respect to the ‘bro code’ and fear of bad karma. While he’d never steal hearts, he once experience stealing allowance to impress a girl he likes. “That time, wala akong pang-date. Nagpa-impress ako, so kumupit ako.”

He also experienced dancing on a table in a bar because, “I’m pro-experience. Ako ‘yung bago ako magreklamo, gagawin ko muna, at least masabi kong na-experience ko na ‘yan.”

Honestly speaking, he used to tell lies. He considers dishonesty a bad decision but a chance for learning as well. For him bad decisions make good stories.

JC calls himself a morning person. He loves to wake up early, however he slept late the previous night. Thus, he will never be guilty of sleeping until 5PM. “Hindi ko kaya! Even before I had a baby, gusto ko ‘yung gigising ako nang maaga, magkakape ako kahit gaano ako kapuyat. Ang weird!” You can also count on him to brighten up at the set during an early call time.

Waking up early though makes him feel sleepy throughout the day. He’s always caught sleeping at school. “Sa school, nabato na ako ng kung anu-ano habang natutulog sa desk. Nabato na ako ng chalk, eraser, pen, kung anu-ano. Napaka-antukin ko ‘tsaka tamad akong estudyante.”

He even fell asleep in the middle of taking a scene for the film “Sakaling Hindi Makarating.” He had to report on the set for the 3AM call time. At 7AM, he had to film a scene where he’s supposed to just act like waking up from his sleep. But the thing is he fell asleep for real. He dozed off for three minutes. The director shouted his name and he was quite shocked that he had to call for a ‘cut.’

Still about sleeping, he said he’s also guilty for sleeping naked. He loves to sing in the shower especially songs with high notes. 

JC had a very memorable high school life, mostly for the bad reasons. He got suspended a lot of times. “Ang daming beses kong na-suspend. I think from cutting class. Noong high school ako, I didn’t find school interesting at that time. Wala akong nakaka-interesan na gawin noong high school unless it’s related to arts, music, sports.” That’s why he felt totally liberated when he entered college.

There were also times, still as a student, when he forgot to pay his fare. It wasn’t intentional, though. Sometimes he’s just too tired that he’d end up sleeping in the bus or jeepney. “Hindi naman ako sasakay kung walang pambayad,” he explained.

JC is not guilty of unfollowing or unfriending someone. In the first place, he rarely follows people on social media unless it’s for commercial purposes. On bashers, JC would rather ignore than make time for them. After all, he’s not competing with anyone.

Lastly, asked if he’s ever tasted his bogey, JC answered ‘guilty.’ He said he’s done it in grade school out of curiosity. Check out JC’s hilarious revelations in this video!

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