10 heart-stopping action scenes in Walang Hanggang Paalam

Kapamilya series Walang Hanggang Paalam did not disappoint as it delivered exactly what it promised – the perfect concoction of action, drama, and love story. As we anticipate the show’s “Against All Odds” finale, let’s take a look back at its most heart-stopping action scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist.

It’s worth noting how the teleserye managed to mount spectacular action scenes in the middle of a pandemic. Add to that the gripping performances of each cast member. Paulo Avelino and guest star Jake Cuenca opened the pilot episode with an intense, pivotal clash filmed in the streets of Binondo, Manila.  

It established that Emman (Paulo) tried to halt Dexter (Jake)’s robbery attempt, ensuing a gripping chase and fight scene featuring the city’s exotic beauty as backdrop. The Kapamilya actors won praises through their breathtaking portrayal and arresting, well-choreographed stunts. 

The two crossed each other’s paths years later. This time, Dexter would execute the Hernandezes’ plan to abduct Emman’s son Robbie. Emman took us on a wild ride as he sped away with a motorcycle while trying to chase Robbie and the captors. 

The chase continued at a yacht port, with Emman struggling and engaging in a thrilling gun battle with Dexter and his men. He hijacked an engine boat and sped away to run after the villains. While keeping his eyes on the fleeing enemies, he called up Sam (Arci Munoz) to inform her of Dexter’s surprising pardon. 

It marked the first appearance of Arci, whose flair for action brought extra thrill to the show. She would track Dexter’s criminal record and learn that he received parole.

Emman dived deeper into danger and action as he figured Dexter’s hiding place. He went solo in facing the group of kidnappers and killed them one by one until Dexter’s the only one left standing, leading to their final match.

Backed up by Caloy (JC Santos) and joined by Celine (Angelica Pangnaniban), the dauntless Emman played games with the devil as he tried to outsmart the enemies. They found Robbie but the shootout halted the supposed reunion. All Celine could do was cry and hide from a corner while Emman exchanged bullets with the villains. 

The screeching sounds of getaway vehicles added more angst to that scene wherein Celine was abducted. Emman, Sam, and Caloy seized a pickup truck and a drone camera to run after the target’s convoy.  Emman accelerated the pickup while Caloy operated the drone to monitor the kidnappers’ location. 

In the next scene, Emman struggled to keep his calm at the driver’s seat as he tailed Robbie’s captors. The next thing he knew, the bad guys noticed his presence, leading to a shootout.

The gunfight that wounded Araceli (Sherry Lara), who was then trying to escape from jeopardy, was fast-paced and intense. Emman and Sam were on fire as they fought side by side, outnumbered by Anton (Zanjoe Marudo)’s group. 

Emman faced certain death when he was brutally executed by a police officer. He fell into the waters. The hero survived, thanks to his bullet-proof vest and the kind stranger who saw him by the shore and rushed him to the hospital. Now, Emman continues his battle and is so close to justice.

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