Power of love, family, and hope prevail in Walang Hanggang Paalam “Against All Odds” finale

The suspense of Walang Hanggang Paalam has chilled us for months. Is Robbie (Robbie Wachtel) alive? Will Celine (Angelica Panganiban) and Emman (Paulo Avelino) still find him? Will the Hernandez family be caught for their secret organ trafficking affairs? — These questions we’ve been asking since the drama-serye aired have finally been answered in the series finale. 

After they found proof that their missing son Robbie is truly alive, longing parents Celine and Emman didn’t need to cling to mere hope because now they have an actual chance of saving their dear son. 

Life-threatening obstacles were still in their midst though, as Amelia (Cherry Pie Picache) threatened both Robbie and Celine’s safety in her attempt to get her own son Lester (Yñigo Delen) back. Fortunately, Emman, Sam (Arci Muñoz), and the rest of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) got hold of their location and prepared a rescue operation. 

The awaited downfall of the Hernandez siblings

With no clue where Celine hid Lester, Amelia refused to let neither Celine or Robbie go. Celine desperately begged Amelia to free Robbie and not hurt him, but with the heartache of possibly losing her own son forever, Amelia points the gun to the young boy. 



Just in time, Emman appeared leaving the two to have a standoff with their weapons ready to fire. Unwilling to back down, Amelia cried in despair for them to give her Lester back. Sam arrived to surround Amelia and corner her. As Amelia tried to fire the gun at Sam, Emman took the opportunity to shoot Amelia’s arm holding the gun. Celine and Emman rushed to Robbie to keep him safe. 

Amelia’s brother Anton (Zanjoe Marudo) faced his end as well, literally. Locked in an unknown location by Franco (Victor Silayan) under Amelia’s orders to keep him away from the negotiations, Anton tried to escape. As Franco already died in the altercation at Casa Pineda and no one knows where he is, Anton failed to find a way out and suffered death from his heart condition. 



In this gripping turn of events, Cherry Pie Picache proves her stellar talent in giving depth to her kontrabida roles. While we seethe with anger at her character Amelia’s evil injustices, the veteran actress also lets us sympathize with the pain of losing a child and a brother. 

Seamlessly, Cherry Pie could switch from delivering lines filled with gritting hate like “Magsasama-sama kayo sa hukay, sisiguraduhin ko” to lines filled with unbearable emotion like “Akin na ang anak ko, nasaan ang anak ko?

Zanjoe Marudo also flawlessly portrayed a raw death for his character despite just working with a few lines alone in an empty room.


Against all odds, families reunite and justice prevails

Amelia continued to live her life in prison for the crimes she had committed. Her former accomplice and ex-lover Leo (Tonton Gutierrez), however, still found solace in getting to see his son Lester, who’s being taken care of by his wife Clarissa (Ana Abad Santos), again despite being in jail. His involvement in everything that happened were still grave mistakes, yet his decision to help the investigation in the end was definitely the right call. 

The tireless NIA agents Sam, Caloy (JC Santos), and Emman were also awarded for their dedication to see through the case against the Hernandez family. 

Celine, Emman, and Robbie, of course, finally got to embrace each other and complete their family after months of suffering. After countless near-death situations and months of longing to be found by his family, Robbie claimed that his birthday wish to be with his parents again had finally been fulfilled. 

Emman, on the other hand, joked how his wish was yet to come true — pertaining to Celine’s sweet ‘yes’ to his marriage proposal. Celine did say yes and, at that moment, the series certainly felt that it had come to a close with such a heartfelt ending. 



Angelica Panganiban and Paulo Avelino spent most of this teleserye bringing us to tears with their portrayal of a parent’s heartbreak for possibly losing their son and the desperation of finding and saving him. Now with a touching family reunion, they once again mist our eyes, but with big matching smiles as they also let us feel the joy of seeing their characters’ family together again. 

The power of love, family, and hope

In the beginning of Walang Hanggang Paalam, we expected it to be our usual action teleserye packed with brawls, arguments, and, to level up the drama, a love triangle. Slowly, we realized that the story had more to offer as it began to focus on the conflicts, values, and the bond of a family. 

Lots of the events arise from the need to keep a family together — Amelia’s willingness to commit crimes for Lester’s life, Emman and Celine risking their lives to find Robbie, Leo confessing for a chance to be with Lester. This love for family was a powerful force that can make people do both bad and good things. 

Moreover, this teleserye also inspires us to keep our trust and hope regardless of the challenges and hardships. Parents Celine and Emman themselves had numerous instances where the reasonable choice was to give up. However, they didn’t because they know in their hearts that their son is alive. If we also embody that kind of strength and willpower, we can also achieve amazing things — the same way they were able to save Robbie and be with him again. 


Netizens’ tweets and rave comments

With the great, remarkable ending delivered by Walang Hanggang Paalam, some of the viewers took to Twitter to share their real-time reactions to the scenes they witnessed and their rave comments on its satisfying happy conclusion and narrative as a whole, as well as to heap their praises to the laudable performances of its ensemble cast and the brilliance, passion, and talents of the people comprising the Dreamscape Entertainment production unit.

The netizens also expressed how much they admire the resourcefulness of the production by casting its staff and crew as extras since the number of people allowed in their lock-in tapings was limited. Besides, they regarded as well how each of them was well-acknowledged in the closing credits.

Here are some of their tweets using the official hashtag #WHPAgainstAllOddsFinale: