Cherry Pie, Lotlot, and Direk Manny overwhelmed with the positive reactions on Walang Hanggang Paaalam

The mystery about his son, Robbie (Robbie Wachtel)’s abduction continues to puzzle Emman (Paulo Avelino) and strain his relationship with ex-wife, Celine (Angelica Panganiban).

Emman engages in a shoot-out against Dexter (Jake Cuenca)’s group hoping to save Robbie but he did not succeed. They run to the authorities for help but Emman notices the lack of lead and the cops’ slack procedures.

Nick (Ronnie Lazaro) tells Celine to trust Emman as the latter was a reputable agent at the National Investigation Agency.

A series of flashback scenes explains the depth of the former couple’s emotional baggage. The viewers are confronted by questions as Emman and Celine argue over the past events that broke them as a family. Emman denies Celine’s allegations that he left them for another woman. But he leaves his reputation unclear as of the moment, fixing his focus on the search.

Emman receives a call from the kidnappers demanding 30 million pesos as ransom money. Anton (Zanjoe Marudo) resolves to settle the amount, igniting a heated argument between him and Amelia (Cherry Pie Picache). As the plot thickens, viewers learn that Amelia loathes Celine as Anton’s future wife.

Emman encounters a series of puzzling pieces of lead as he continues to conduct his own investigation. Due to his doubts about the circumstances, Emman gears up for a different route in saving the child, believing that there’s a big syndicate behind the kidnapping. However, Celine takes Anton’s side and his plan to negotiate with the kidnappers.  

As Walang Hanggang Paalam celebrates its successful pilot week, the cast interacts with fans in a live show aired during commercial gaps of Kapamilya Online Live titled “Walang Hanggang Kumustahan.” In the second round of live shows, Cherry Pie Picache, Lotlot de Leon, and Director Manny Palo join thousands of thrilled online viewers.

The cast is moved by the audiences’ positive comments about the spectacular pilot week and the scenes that were perfectly shaped despite major roadblocks such as the pandemic. Direk Manny revealed that everything since the second episode was shot under the new normal. But there wasn’t any hint of challenging restrictions seen in the output.

For the whole team, it’s having a perfect balance of compliance and commitment to creativity. They made sure that everyone is safe without compromising the quality of the show. They could’ve just done things facile but that’s not how bland the Kapamilya creativity, passion, and sense of commitment is.

“Doon mo makikita how dedicated ABS-CBN is delivering the quality of teleseryes at kahit ano pa ang sitwasyon, pipilitin po namin sa abot ng aming makakaya na bigyan kayo ng magandang mapapnood,” vowed Cherry Pie.

Even the actors themselves are amused by the outcome of their hard work. And it makes them proud to be part of a dedicated and outstanding team. Cherry Pie and Lotlot give the credit to the production, co-actors, and directors.

For Direk Manny, mounting a teleserye is a collective effort. “Sa Walang Hanggang Paalam, everyone gave their all despite all the problems we are facing… Sabi nga nila, ang trabaho ng mga director sa set, half is done when you are working with very talented and very committed actors,” he said. The celebrated director likewise thanks his actors for breathing life to the characters. He mentioned the show’s child star, Robbie Wachtel, for his impressive acting chops at 8 years old.

Cherry Pie further shared that the directors are generous of their guidance despite giving them creative freedom. And the teamwork results in just the perfect blend of acting and production techniques. Taking a break from the tearful mother roles, Cherry Pie is thrilled to portray a multifaceted character this time.

For Lotlot, joining such top caliber artists and directors for a project is a huge blessing. She added that ABS-CBN’s teleserye legacy truly lives on.

Direk Manny ended the show with a promise. “Ito po ay commitment talaga ng ABS-CBN at ng Dreamscape [Entertainment] na handugan kayo ng magaganda at de-kalibreng palabas. May network man kami o wala, sa ibang plataporma, ito po siya. May pandemic man o wala, para sa inyong lahat poi to,” he said.   

Don’t miss an episode of Walang Hanggang Paalam weeknights on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live. Catch the next airing of the live gap show “Walang Hanggang Kamustahan” on Friday, October 2 with Mccoy de Leon, JC Santos, Javi Benitz, and Directors Manny Palo and Darnel Villaflor.