10 scenes from Walang Hanggang Paalam proving that sacrifice is the greatest measure of love

In the eyes of man, there’s no greater proof of love than sacrifice. They say that it is in giving, not in getting, that we get to experience the purest form of love. As we reflect on this divine truth, let us look back on these scenes from Kapamilya series Walang Hanggang Paalam showing us the different facets of love and sacrifice that will inspire us to be selfless, brave, and giving. 



We saw love in Emman (Paulo Avelino)’s eyes as he hinted at his longing for a complete, happy home with Celine (Angelica Panganiban). But knowing that she’s already engaged with another man, Emman chose to just wait and love in silence. This scene also established Celine and Emman’s dynamics with Robbie (Robbie Wachtel), who then got sick after arriving at the province of Alcala for his reunion with the Salvadors. Celine worried much about her son’s condition yet she gave Emman the chance to make up for the lost time. For Celine, loving Robbie means giving in to what makes him happy. 



The love for his son, Robbie, is what makes Emman a true hero. It completes his soul that he would stop at nothing to be reunited with him, even if it means putting his own life on the line. In this scene, Emman faced danger and sustained gunshot wounds while trying to pursue Robbie’s abductor. Celine couldn’t help but show worry and concern by tending to Emman’s wounds. 



Love breeds strength, hope, and courage. This powerful chain reaction of love is shown in a scene where Emman and Celine would uplift each other amid Robbie’s search. Because two people in love serve as each other’s backbone. 



Call him foolish or martyr but nothing can stop Caloy (JC Santos) from loving Sam (Arci Munoz), despite getting friend-zoned all the time. He never stops wooing her and he likes making her smile through his antics. “Sam, itong makulit na ‘to, lagi naman nadito para sa’yo,” he told her in this scene wherein he lightened up her mood by putting an act. 



Anton (Zanjoe Marudo) may be hated for his temper and involvement in his family’s misdeeds but there was a time when he showed complete devotion to Celine. This scene shows the ex-couple expressing gratitude for a love that defies the past and other people’s opinion. Celine thanked Anton for embracing all that she is, including being a single mom to Robbie, and for loving the child like his own.



The words uttered, pain and regret, and every second of this scene broke our hearts in pieces. There was Sam, trying to fit herself into Emman’s life. She begged him to love her with the same amount she gives. But Emman confessed that he’s still in love with Celine. 



Apart from proving their love in action-packed occasions that put their lives in grave danger, the characters of Walang Hanggang Paalam also sacrifice their ‘hearts.’ Celine pushed through with the wedding even if she has stopped loving Anton. It’s driven by her determination to unearth more pieces of evidence against the Hernandezes and finally find justice and be reunited with her son.   



It was easy to judge Bernie (McCoy de Leon) as the Salvador family’s black sheep. But, by proving the magnitude of sacrifices he’s willing to make for them, the roughness turned out just born out of love. He many times tried to defend Emman from the wrongful accusations. He once gave up his schooling for Emman’s bail and he volunteers to pay the household bills. But his greatest act of love and sacrifice was sneaking inside the Hernandez household to prove their involvement in the syndicate. The truth, unfortunately, cost him his life. 



When pieces of the Hernandez family’s darkest secrets were unravelled following Araceli’s arrest, she made sure to leave her kids unharmed. She was willing to make a sacrifice for Amelia (Cherry Pie Picache) and Anton – even if it leads her to jeopardy, or even if she dies for them. “No one will know na sangkot kayo. I will take it to my grave. Kahit mamatay ako, masaya akong mamamatay knowing that you both are safe,” she told her kids. 



Love, as Emman and Celine proved in this scene, will prevail over obstacles, bitterness, and even the darkest past. A lot has happened, mostly insufferable pain, but their love for each other will surely triumph in the end. In this scene, Emman and Celine share a piece of love that was once broken, after he saved her from marrying Anton. 

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