Park Min Young’s remarkable drama roles through the years

From astounding us with her unbelievable bravery and exceptional skills in martial arts and gun-handling as Kim Na-na in the action-romance series City Hunter, seasoned Korean actress Park Min Young is set to captivate us once more with another admirable character through her latest drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, which will be aired on ABS-CBN beginning September 24.

Breathing life to Mariel Kim (or Kim Mi-so), she would portray the hardworking, perseverant, and dependable secretary of the egotistic and nonchalant company vice president Ivan Lee (Park Seo Joon), who, after nine years of working for him, decided to resign in pursuit of living a ‘normal’ and ‘happy’ life.' The drama narrates how their relationship would flourish from mere professional to something unexpectedly romantic, as sparked by the ‘blockbuster curse’ cast by Ivan to persuade her to stay.

First rom-com

She’s been in the entertainment industry for a decade, yet What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? is her first-ever romantic-comedy stint, as what she divulged in one of her media interviews. Aside from this, what makes this role truly unforgettable and her all-time favorite is its admirable, and perhaps, relatable personality.

I liked everything about my character. She didn’t try to stand out, but just did her job to the best of her ability. She was charismatic, and her determination to make her own way in life was admirable. Seeing how she takes care of herself and bravely faces any situation that comes her way, I knew that this character would be special,” she related.

Then she added, “The consistency of the character was also something that made Mi So such a memorable character for Park Min Young". She said, “I liked that she didn’t become this dopey character after falling in love. She stayed grounded and said ‘no’ when she needed to and gave advice when she needed to.”


Park Min Young also revealed the preparations she did in order to compellingly personify Kim Mi-so.

[In order to synchronize with my character], I lost about four kilograms [approximately 8.8 pounds]. Since my body figure wasn’t something I could change in an instant, I started adjusting my diet as soon as I decided to do the drama and received personal training every day.”

She continued, “The fashion might be out of touch with the trend these days, but I tried to dress like [my character] in the webtoon. I ordered customized shoes with no details on purpose. I also wore a ponytail with my bangs to the side and paid attention to my makeup as well.”

It was in 2006 when she had her acting debut through the sitcom High Kick!, where she played the pretty yet dull-witted love interest of one of the main characters, Kang Yoo-mi.

Serious and historical dramas

The 32-year-old actress later on starred in several dramas, which mostly had serious and historical themes. Among those, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010), City Hunter (2011), and Glory Jane (2011) are arguably the most remarkable especially to Kapamilya viewers for these were all aired on ABS-CBN.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal, also known for its alternative title Secret Love, was shown in the country in 2012. Set during the Joseon Dynasty when women’s rights were disregarded, this historical series followed the journey and misadventures of Park Min Young’s character Kim Yoon-hee as she entered the prestigious institute excusive for males, Sungkyunkwan, by disguising as his brother Park Yoon-shik in order to help her impoverished family. She was joined by famous Hallyu actors Park Yoo-chun, Yoo Ah-in, and Song Joong-ki.

In 2011, she was paired with Korean superstar Lee Min Ho in the hit action-romance series City Hunter, where she played as Kim Na-na, a courageous, quick-witted, and agile presidential body guard who eventually developed a romantic relationship with the mysterious Lee Yoon-sung and later on discovered his real identity.

On that same year, she was tapped to headline the coming-of-age sports drama Glory Jane. Portraying Jane Yoon (or Yoon Jae-in), a gumptious and bubbly lass who doesn’t remember her past after suffering from a traumatic experience and car accident when she was still young, until she crossed paths with her childhood sweetheart Young-kwang (Chun Jung-myung). As if struck of fate, the rekindling of their bond would lead her to the truth behind her real identity.

Find out why Mariel Kim is indeed every boss’ ideal secretary by watching one of the most successful Korean dramas of 2018, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, starting September 24 on Primetime Bida, replacing Hwayugi.