WATCH: Meet the voice behind Ivan Lee of "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?"

As one of the hit Korean dramas of the year, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim easily hooked Kapamilyas. Now, the finish line is finally in sight. But are you not curious to know the man viewers have been walking this journey with? Meet Anthony Steven San Juan, the voice behind your very own Ivan Lee!

He started dubbing way back in 2006. The first ever project he auditioned for Mission Odyssey and since then he has continued to dub for multiple animes. Now, being part of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, he finds that Park Seo Joon’s character is exactly where his comfort zone is. “Mas gusto ko ‘yung mas mayabang,” he explained. It is easier for him to act proud.

In fact, it is this assertive attitude which Anthony partly relates to. “’Yung kay Ivan sobrang taas na, siguro nasa gitna lang niya ko,” he expressed. For the voice actor, It is normal to feel good about yourself and be confident when you are around friends. Ivan, on the other hand, not only has a confidence level like no other but he also shows it off to anyone.

With Secretary Kim around, however, Ivan has been trouble keeping his cool. He often ends up acting out of character when around her. This shift in attitude is one of the challenges that Anthony has to face. One moment Ivan is so sure of everything he does, the next he becomes serious and does not seem to understand his own behavior. To effectively deliver these emotions, Anthony has to establish a balance.

“Once nakuha mo ‘yung emotion ng dina-dub mo, sobrang dali na ng lahat,” he shared one lesson. Being natural when reading your lines is key. An exercise to achieve this is reading comic books.

There is going to be a noticeable change in Ivan Lee all because he will do anything to keep his beloved secretary. By now, we all have a guess on what the answer is to this romantic comedy’s big question. With the finale this Friday, viewers might see what they are looking for. But for now, Anthony has a suggestion, “hindi niya gina-grab ‘yung opportunity na katabi niya nalang.” She has become so focused on work that she can’t see what Ivan is trying to do.

Do you agree? Do not miss the last week of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and discover the answer for yourself!