REVIEW: All seems right for What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? We can’t seem to find any.

Like any other rom-com K-Dramas before it, we are treated to a visual spectacle with impressive elements that keep us glued—breathtaking production design and addicting creative nuances that make them irresistible.

But What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? goes beyond these given strengths. It sets forth being such an appealing rom-com with the light yet compelling narrative, relatable scenes that really hits home (or the office, in this case), and the superb performances of the actors.

Cut above the rest

Having such a narcissistic boss could not be that out of the ordinary, but Ivan Lee (Park Seo-joon) is a cut above the rest. And yet, we adore him for it. In the pilot week, Ivan could be testy yet enchanting, annoying yet wonderful, and utterly perfect in every sense of the word, yet weak and dependent on Mariel Kim (Park Min Young), his ever-reliable secretary. By the looks of it, he has fallen for her as well.

And, Mariel truly deserves such appreciation for her dedication and efficiency. But when she decides to resign and focus on a life she had since missed, Ivan would realize how irreplaceable she is, both as a secretary and as a person he is now increasingly grown fond of and desperately needs.

Blockbuster date

He then does everything to keep her from leaving—from offering a promotion and job perks to being amusingly affectionate. But the clincher is a blockbuster date at a theme park he had closed off, just for her, complete with a dream ride in a carousel, swanky dinner, and fireworks—thanks to an ingenious survey he set up to get her idea of a dream date. And the night ended with Mariel receiving from Ivan the gift she wanted—a simple stuffed toy. But to her surprise, it had on its pocket a sparkling necklace. All these is Ivan’s way of thanking her for her years of service.

But Mariel made it clear that such show of affection would still not stop her from resigning—a fact Ivan would not believe as his wooing continues.

Burgeoning romance

Indeed, this burgeoning romance captures our hearts as it shows a very identifiable situation of Ivan and Mariel coming to terms with their upcoming separation, and how it would affect them. Of course, melting a boss’ heart is something else.

Already considered as the “king of rom-coms” in Korea, Park Seo-joon’s performance is incredibly delightful and cunning as he again gives on-point, hilariously natural personification of Ivan. His poise and funny egotistic characterization is delightfully cunning and crafty, drawing praise and adulation from viewers.

The gorgeous Park Min Young, on the other hand, gives a believable and heartwarming portrayal of Mariel, from being that effective secretary Kim withholding her deeply kept gripes against her vain superior to achieving that kind of respect and appreciation she needed, not to mention her boss’ affection.

As such, we can’t wait for upcoming episodes on how we all get to further realize What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, weeknights after Halik on Primetime Bida.