#RelationshipGoals: Lessons on Love from “We Will Survive”

3. Be humble enough to apologize.


Wilma went to Edwin’s house and apologized to him for feeling jealous and insecure which caused their minor misunderstanding. We should all learn how to say sorry to our partners because being too proud will never resolve anything. We should all learn to have the initiative to make the first move and settle the differences.

4. There will always be misunderstandings.


Pocholo and Maricel had a misunderstanding because of Pocholo’s plan to fix his documents for his citizenship even before their wedding. All relationships will have problems and disagreements, there will always be a bump in the road. These are all part of a relationship that’s why we should all learn how to handle them properly. Proper communication is essential in dealing with these misunderstandings.

5. Always be there to comfort and support.


When Wilma was very worried about the condition of Maricel, Edwin proved his love for her by being there for her in one of her weakest moments. We should always be there for our partners not only during the good times, but also during the bad ones. We should be their shoulder to cry and lean on when they are alone, and their source of strength when they are weak.

Let’s join Wilma and Edwin, and Maricel and Pocholo in their story of love, friendship and survival. Don’t miss the last week of “We Will Survive”, Mondays to Fridays after “Tubig at Langis” in ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gold.

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