REVIEW: We Will Survive is another unique feel-good charmer to warm our hearts Part 3


Indeed, the plot becomes more interesting as it goes without drubbing our hearts and emotionally force us to watch the next episode. Yes, the hype that surrounded the series even before it aired was true, it is a feel-good teleserye that everyone would appreciate.

Its cast really contributes to that wonderful charm it exudes. Pokwang and Melai Cantiveros have proven that “chemistry” isn’t just for love teams, but for female co-stars as well. They deliver lines, exchange witty looks, and complement each other naturally and effectively. It seemed they have been paired for years and this bodes well for the continuing series.

Bing Davao and Vangie Labalan, who played the most loathsome villains in action or drama films of old, are definitely welcome additions to the cast as vulnerable and sympathetic characters. Their depth and extensiveness in stretching their craft really shows and makes the “feel-good” genre even more delightful.

But what is more exciting is what multi-award winning director Jeffrey Jeturian has in store for us in the next months of airing. We are sure it will match if not eclipse one of the most unforgettable and successful “feel-good” offerings he has helmed, Be Careful With My Heart. Indeed, we look forward to more episodes of this engaging program with a big smile in our hearts.

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