REVIEW: We Will Survive is another unique feel-good charmer to warm our hearts Part 2


Context was then given to Edwin’s sudden change of heart in an incident the squad had set-up. Edwin had proposed marriage to Wilma outside the church one previous night, with Maricel, Sheila and Ana Fe at the sidelines waiting for the question to pop and her expected affirmative answer to follow. But Wilma said no, owing to her commitment to helping her family rise above poverty.

“Hindi siya makapaghintay,” Wilma said. But even though the pain is deep, she finds solace in his loving family, especially her father Nestor (Bing Davao) giving her a loving and supportive hug when they meet. The same goes for little sister Jenny (Maris Racal) and Arnold (Alchris Galura), who all appreciate Wilma’s sacrifice of forgetting her personal interests, like love, for their sake.

But for Maricel, that can’t possibly happen. As she gets seemingly hopeless voice lessons from her mom Judy (Vangie Labalan), Maricel declares she would openly fight for her love to the man of her dreams, Rodel (Ahron Villena), her colleague in a local resort, and try her very best to become a hotel chain magnate with her beloved “yaba.”

Dream come true?

And, it seemed this dream was to have started to unravel, as a friend visited the hotel and peddled jewelry, including rings, that Maricel said was out of her reach financially. Rodel was encouraged to buy, even in several installments, but couldn’t decide at that moment. And secretly, Rodel talked to the seller and managed to purchase the jewelry, with Maricel overhearing the deal from afar, thinking her yaba was really serious in pleasing her and making their “relationship” official.

But, as Wilma, who just ended her grueling day as expert hairdresser and masseuse to several clients, met her by the resort pool, she glanced upon Maricel’s prince charming gazing at a male hottie, confirming what she and the rest of their squad had suspected—Rodel was gay. How they would break it gently to Maricel without breaking her heart becomes Wilma’s burden.

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