REVIEW: We Will Survive is another unique feel-good charmer to warm our hearts

Rarely do we watch a series that’s so identifiable yet so aspirational, with characters so real and effectual, you can’t get your eyes off them.

In We Will Survive, there’s no need to get that tissue box, or brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster. All you need to do is witness the everyday experiences of Wilma (Pokwang) and Maricel (Melai Cantiveros) in one of Primetime Bida’s newest teleseryes that premiered on Monday, February 29, get hooked and feel good, appreciating their life journeys and how they relate to our own.

Contrasting personalities

As we get to know in the show’s pilot episode, Wilma is one responsible, obedient, loving, and hard-working “Jill” of multiple trades, all for the sake of family. Maricel, on the other hand, is one jovial, free-spirited lass who dreams big for herself, and would do anything to fulfill them. They complement each other in more ways than one, and maybe get at each other’s throats as they become too close for comfort. But more than anything, they click despite their contrasting personalities.

It is set in majestic Bicolandia, with the magnificent perfect cone of a volcano, Mayon, at the backdrop. Wilma and Maricel share their everyday struggles and triumphs with two other friends in their squad: Sheila (Regine Angeles) and Ana Fe (Bea Saw).

Yet on one Sunday, after all of them serve as choir members in their community church, Wilma hears an announcement that shocks her—the love of her life, Edwin (Joshua Zamora) is getting married. As she expresses her heartbreak and dismay after Maricel confirms it by seeing Edwin’s picture on the church bulletin board and Edwin himself appearing before the squad in the church with his bride-to-be, her friends prevailed upon her to realize it was not meant to be.

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