#MotherhoodGoals: Lessons on Motherhood from “We Will Survive” Part 2
4. Mothers make their children feel special.

Jude celebrated his birthday with his family, friends and two mothers. Maricel and Wilma really made sure that Jude would feel very happy on his special day. Mothers want nothing but the best for their children and they are willing to do everything just to see their children happy.

5. Mothers support and comfort their children.


When Maricel and Pocholo (Carlo Aquino) had an accident, Wilma told Jude the sad news. She then accompanied him as he prayed for the recovery of his parents. She supported and comforted him in this unfortunate time and she became his source of strength in this moment of weakness.

6. Mothers celebrate the achievements of their children.

Since Maricel was still in this hospital, Wilma accompanied Pocholo in awarding Jude his medal during the school’s recognition day. She joined him in celebrating his major academic accomplishment. She was there to show that she was really proud of him and his achievements.

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