#MotherhoodGoals: Lessons on Motherhood from “We Will Survive” Part 1
Before “We Will Survive” finally ends this week, let us look back at some of the most memorable scenes of Wilma (Pokwang) and Maricel (Melai Cantiveros), as well as the lessons on motherhood they shared to us. The two women have proven that being a mother is definitely not easy but they are surviving and showing all of us #MotherhoodGoals.

1. Mothers love their children unconditionally.

When Maricel was working abroad, Wilma became the Ninay or “ninang na nanay” of her bestfriend’s son, Jude (John Steven de Guzman). She proved that even though Jude’s not her biological son, she loved him unconditionally as one of her own. She became his second mother who’s there to guide him and help him in everything.

2. Mothers sacrifice anything for their children.

Even though it was extremely hard for her, Maricel decided to work abroad to give her son a better life. It was torture for her to be away from her child for several years but she chose to do that sacrifice just so she could provide for him. When she came back, it was even harder for her to build a good relationship with him since they have been apart from each other for such a long time.

3. Mothers protect and defend their children.

When Jude was being teased and bullied by his classmates about not having a father, Maricel was the first one to defend and protect her son. She proved that a mother would really do everything just so other people won’t hurt her child. When mothers see their children get hurt, it hurts them even more.

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